1. What goes into the profile?


The Profile

Now that you have received this step by step guide and the student pack in pdf, it’s time to build your profile.

  • Your profile will appear on our website for you to share and we will also direct it to the coaches.
  • An Important step in building your brand is to send us a profile picture.
  • This will help enhance a college coach’s understanding of who you are throughout the recruiting process.

Based on our data, college coaches are 3 times more likely to message a student-athlete when they have a profile picture.

Our research suggests that college coaches prefer a headshot that shows your face as opposed to an action shot.

Let’s put a face to your name.

The picture

What kind of picture do I use for my profile picture?

  • Remember, your profile picture is your first impression of a college coach.
  • We recommend that you have a picture on your profile that shows your face so that a coach can identify you on the sidelines.
  • We also recommend you are the only person in the picture.
  • Head and shoulders picture in SPORT USA sports kit if possible. (UK Only)
  • A Plain background or with your sports background.
  • In Sports Gear
  • If you have questions, please contact your agent, or send a direct email to Operations: tania@sportusa.co.uk
Charlie James

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Your Statistics

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