Urszula Bolińska

Graduating 2023

Sport: Volleyball from Poland











Athletic strengths:

I have been involved in sports since I was 6 years old. First I started training tennis and since the age of 8 I started training volleyball. Two years ago at the age of 15 I realised that volleyball is the most important part of my life. I can't imagine a day without training or some kind of physical activity. That's when I started thinking about going to college abroad with a sports scholarship. I saw that my weakest point as a volleyball player is my not very tall height. However, I believed and still believe that height is not everything. Hard work and heart that I put into what I love, which is volleyball, is much more valuable than any extra inches. On the court I always give my best, I fight for every ball until the last point.

On November 3, 2021 I received a diagnosis of torn anterior cruciate ligament in my knee. My world collapsed. I couldn't play for at least six months. Volleyball is not just a hobby for me, it's my lifestyle and way of being. The first months after the surgery were hell. Stairs were a challenge for me, let alone running or walking. The injury did not make me give up. On the contrary. I promised myself that I will not give up and I will do everything in my power to get back to full health and fitness to be the best version of myself. Daily exercises and rehabilitation made me get back in shape quickly. Four months after the surgery I started to go to the gym and five months after the surgery I started to gently enter into volleyball training. Now I am seven months after the injury and although I sometimes struggle with the pain in my knee, I am not going to give up, I keep training hard because I want to make my dreams come true. I am a player full of determination, focus, I have great ideas for leading the game, I have leadership skills and I can manage a large group. Hard work is not scary for me, on the contrary I love it.

After the injury I understood my goal, I want to win at all costs.
Many coaches will probably say that I am too low to play as a playmaker. I have different opinion about that. As a player I am perfectly prepared in terms of dynamics, endurance, speed, I control the game very well, I am effective in defence and I have a lot of volleyball knowledge. I think that my volleyball skills, great motivation to work hard, great determination in pursuit of the goal and willingness to take responsibility for the game are more valuable than any extra inches.


Coach's review

"I myself said many times that Ula would not play volleyball. She was afraid of everything. She didn't want to compete. She was running away from it. Actually I didn't believe in her trip to the States. She had been saying that for several years. I work in women's division 1 and I couldn't imagine her ever playing on my senior team.
Then a serious injury happened to her - she tore the cruciate ligament in her knee. That's where it all started. I finally saw the transformation of this the caterpillar into a butterfly with the eye of the tiger. She finally wants to win above all else. She stopped thinking about her low height and just started winning.
On the pitch she rules and girls follow her. If she keeps this direction you will have the biggest treasure, which many will not appreciate because of her height.
It's a pleasure to work with her and observe, how every day she wants to achieve even more and each training or match she absorbs with full hands." Coach Cezary Tulin

2022/Foundations of entrepreneurship/5

  • 2018/the Mazovia Championship in the category of fours in the competition "Kinder + sport"/ the first place
  • 2018/Polish Championship in the category of fours in the competition "Kinder + sport"/ the eighth place
  • 2019/the Mazovia Championship in the youth category/ the second place
  • 2019/the quarterfinal of the Polish championship in the youth category/promotion
  • 2019/the semi-finals of the Polish Youth Olympics in beach volleyball in the youth category/promotion
  • 2020/the Mazovia Championship in the category of cadets/ the third place
  • 2020/the quarterfinal of the Polish championship in the cadet category/promotion
  • 2020/the semi-finals of the Polish Championships in the cadet category/ promotion
  • 2021/the Mazovia Championship in the category of cadets in beach volleyball/ the fourth place
  • 2021/the semi-finals of the Polish Youth Olympics in beach volleyball in the category of cadets/promotion
  • 2022/the Mazovia Championship in the junior women category/ the fourth place
  • 2022/the quarter-finals of the Polish competition in the junior women category/promotion

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