what is toefl

The TOEFL is a required exam for any student who doesn’t speak English as a first language.


TOEFL requirements

Universities can vary widely, with some schools requiring lower TOEFL IBT scores in the 70s and others requiring far higher scores in the 100s.

Key words

How to find the requirements?

To find your schools’ TOEFL score requirements, go to your schools’ official websites and use keywords such as “TOEFL” and “English” on various pages, particularly those dealing with admission requirements and application materials.

Only one

Single toefl score

Most schools will usually maintain a single undergraduate TOEFL score requirement and various TOEFL score minimums for graduate programs.


Minimum TOEFL score

  • Besides a minimum TOEFL score, a school may offer a recommended TOEFL score.
  • This is the score you’re far more likely to need to qualify for admission; therefore, you should always aim for the recommended score over the minimum required score.
  • To set a TOEFL goal score, make a chart, and then go online to find your school’s TOEFL requirements.

Select highest score

  • Finally, select the highest minimum TOEFL score on your chart to get your goal score.

  • Your goal score is the score most likely to get you into all of your schools and the one you’ll ultimately aim for on test day.

  • You can take the TOEFL exam in your home country. They offer it regularly throughout the year.

  • Every university will have its own TOEFL requirements for admission.


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