Sverre Vestre Sedberg

Transfer from Keiser University

Sport: Tennis player from Norway












Bachelor of Arts in Business and Administration Finance

Personal Statement


I grew up in an area where sports were important.Therefore it is no mystery that i ended up doing sports myself. I started with cross country skiing, which I have enjoyed as a hobby ever since. However, I did not find the competitions to be so fun, since it was just about who was the fastest. That’s why when I started playing tennis, I felt like I really found my sport. It had so many aspects to it which made it very interesting to me. You have to be in good physical shape, have proper technique, but also be mentally strong.I have always found it so satisfying to become better at tennis, because every small step feels like a win. Whether it is adding power on my serve or improving my forehand, I enjoy practicing and developing. When the technique finally “clicks” it is just an amazing feeling. Since I was young I have always wanted to improve my tennis. I used to look up to people that were better than me. When I saw them hitting, I wanted to play like them which motivated me a lot. To have someone better to idolize has definitely motivated me a lot through the years.

One thing that I have learned from playing tennis is that it is very hard to master. My first coach always said “nothing worth having comes easy” and I completely agree with that. Since I started later than usual( around 12 years), I had to work extra hard to catch up with guys that started playing before me.( started when they were 6-8 years) It has been challenging at times, but also very fun. Tennis has definitely taught me to work hard. I was never a huge talent, but I think I have something maybe even more important, which is a good work ethic.This is something I can transfer to other aspects of my life as well, like in a job or at school.

In high school my goal was to get as high grades as possible and at the same time have time for tennis and being social. Having to deliver results both in the classroom and on the court, I have learned to work efficiently and to prioritize. I am ready to continue doing this in college. My academic goal in college is to get a master’s degree in a subject which I find interesting. I still haven’t decided what to study, but for now business administration seems most likely. It seems like an interesting major, and you have a lot of opportunities with a business administration degree.


Norwegian grade system is from 1 to 6

10th Grade

  • English written/ 5
  • English oral/ 5
  • French/ 6
  • Design and crafts/ 4
  • P.E/ 6
  • Math/5
  • Nutrition and health/5
  • Music/5
  • Natural science/4
  • Norwegian main form written/5
  • Norwegian secondary form/5
  • Norwegian oral/5
  • Christianity, religion and ethical subjects/5
  • Social subjects/ 5
  • Physical education and health/5

11th Grade

  • English/5
  • Geography/6
  • Math (1T)/ 3
  • Natural since/5
  • Social studies/5

12th Grade

  • French/6
  • Math(S1) Grade:4
  • Psychology: 6
  • History and philosophy/5
  • Recreational sports/5
  • History/6


  • Norwegian 1st choice/5
    Norwegian 2nd-choice/5
    Norwegian oral/5
    Religion and ethics/5
    History and philosophy/5
  • 13.11.22 Won UTR B tournament in Moss
  • 13.2.22 Runner up UTR group c in Nesodden( 3000 nok tournament)
  • 24.08.21, won double match against utr 9 and utr 7 in team match division 3 norway, Grefsen vs Snarøya
  • 01.07.21 Lost 6-4 6-2 to utr 9 player in Mjøndalen grand prix( 30 000 NOK tournament)
  • 21.06.20 runner up double Skedsmo( silver tournament)

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