# Step-by-step Guide to

Building your Profile

We have completed a Step by Step Guide on taking charge of your own Student Profile. Please follow the steps below.

(Our example is MAJ NAJVIRT KOLARIČ, who was a successful student- Athlete in 2023)



Having Problems?

Please email your recruiter if you have problems logging in or if you are not sure what information to include. 

Profile Features and registration

Follow the steps below

Once you register with Sport USA, a recruiter will email you the login credentials for the platform where your profile will be hosted.

Use the provided login details to access the platform. This platform is utilized by coaches from various universities

Ensure that you complete your profile thoroughly. Include all relevant information that reflects your athletic skills, academic achievements, and personal interests.

 After your profile is complete, the recruiter will assess it and promote you to universities that best match your athletic and academic profile. This tailored approach aims to optimise your chances of securing a position that aligns with your skills and preferences.

Next up:

Stage 2 – Admin Tasks