# Step-by-step Guide to

Building your Profile

We have completed a Step by Step Guide on taking charge of your own Student Profile. Please follow the steps below.

(Our example is MAJ NAJVIRT KOLARIČ, who was a successful student- Athlete in 2023)



Profile Features and registration

Follow the steps below

Register as a User

Click in to register now if this is your first time. Insert your name and email, and create a password. (Quick tip: save your password somewhere so that you can get back into your profile.)

Log back into your profile

Log back into your profile to update your profile. Use the username and password you saved. (Remember to save the profile when you have updated it)

Having Problems?

Please email tania@sportusa.co.uk if you have problems to login, or if you are not sure what information to include. Or just ask your Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

Log into the profile and upload another image.

You can change the password on the link above where you registered.

Send the information to tania@sportusa.co.uk so that information can be updated.

Are you ready to move to stage 3?

You should have already received all the relevant emails on Stage 2. If not let us know.


Please complete the checklist.

Next up:

Stage 2 – Admin Tasks