4. Your Academic results

Academic Certificates
  • International students must meet specific academic requirements if you want to study in the USA.
  • These requirements include completing a specific number of core courses, earning a minimum grade point average (GPA) and SAT/ACT score, and graduating from high school.

  • As part of the academic certification process, all prospective student-athletes must submit the following academic information:
  • Your academic records for years nine and up, in your native language (and translated to English, if English is not the native language). Such as graduation credentials, including certificates, diplomas or final leaving exams.

  • Your SAT or ACT scores.


  • Academic records include documents such as transcripts, yearly grade reports, mark sheets or official leaving exam results.

  • If English is not the primary language of instruction at the school you attended, you must submit complete, line-by-line certified English translations for all your documents in the same format as the native language documents.

  • Failure to include any of these items may delay the review of your records. In certain situations, the NCAA Eligibility Centre may ask for additional academic documentation to clarify that your academic information is complete, valid, and accurate.



Please send to Sport USA

Quick tip

If you have previously submitted the form with the information, you do not have to do it again, just the information you are updating and your name and email, so we know who you are.

Below is the link to the profile information form

  • This form will provide us with all the information we need to build your profile.
  • You can use the form repeatedly, as you have new, updated information.
  • All you have to do is to submit the new information on the form. Naturally, we will need your name and email, so we know who is submitting the information.

Here is the email address to send all the documents: tania@sportusa.co.uk

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