6. Personal Statement or Overview

The Overview

You can also add a reference from your current coach, which shares a brief insight into who you are and what you could bring to a team.

  • It’s your chance to show college coaches who you are outside your academic and athletic life.

  • It provides an opportunity to show off your character, extracurricular activities and anything else you would want a coach to know about you, they can’t get from stats or video.

  • A personal statement is something you should include in your online recruiting profiles, including your NCAA profile. You can also use the information from your personal statement to help plan introduction letters/emails to college coaches.

  • So, what should you include in your personal statement? You can use these questions as a guideline to help you, but make sure your personal statement is unique to you. It should highlight what is impressive about you and your life.

    • What details of your life have influenced who you are?
    • When and how did you become interested in your sport?
    • What have you learned about yourself through playing your sport?
    • What are your academic goals for University?
    • Have you had to overcome any obstacles to get where you are?
    • What unique characteristics or skills do you possess?
    • When writing your personal statement, be honest and be personal. Be specific when necessary.
    • Finally, make sure you use proper grammar and check for spelling errors. This is your chance to shine and make a good impression on a college coach, so give it your full effort. If you have family or friends who can proofread your personal statement, that will only make it better.



University requirements


To make your experience as a student-Athlete the most memorable as possible, we wanted to get little information about what you would like, such as: 


The Ideal size of college: small, medium, large


Your annual budget to study at University is $…


Ideal location: In the city, suburbs, sunny state, cold, Ocean etc


What do you want to study?  What field do you want to study.


University requirements

Below is the link to the profile information form

  • This form will provide us with all the information we need to build your profile.
  • You can use the form repeatedly, as you have new, updated information.
  • All you have to do is to submit the new information on the form.
  • Naturally, we will need your name and email, so we know who is submitting the information.

Here is the email address to send all the documents: tania@sportusa.co.uk

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