2. Your Statistics



The Recruiting Profile is or the profile in a website, your resume, or athlete bio (there are many names people give it.)


Your Profile:

In the athletic scholarship formula, a Custom Profile serves as your brand.

This is the first and essential item to your athletic scholarship formula.

We first map out the components and then decide where to put the components.

Think of it as a one-page personal website.

  • YOU need to start the conversation.
  • YOU need to bring yourself to them.
  • YOU drive this process;
  • It is NOT the college coaches, not your high school coaches, and not your parents.

And that’s the beauty of the Recruiting Profile. It provides one platform and one place to tell your story.

Plus, it will impress coaches with your organisation (and very relieved) when you make it efficient for them to get to know you and evaluate your skills by providing them a well-conceived recruiting profile.

it gives

Why do you need it?


What should you do?

Make sure you always update your profile so that college coaches have accurate information. In short, you want to make it EASY for coaches to evaluate you.

Complete your Stats

The List below is not complete. You can include any information you might deem important 


UTR ITF Ranking U18 Ranking


Driving Distance, Putting Average, Handicap

Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Field Hockey


Swimming  & Track and Field

Best Times

Quick tip

Don’t attach a PDF or Word document or video file to an email.


It increases the risk that coaches won’t open it. It’s best if your profile is a web page with a unique URL address. You can include it in the body of an email and one that coaches are NOT required to login to view it.

Next up:

Athletic Achievements

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