The following section is dedicated to tennis athletes that are looking to earn tennis scholarships in the United States. 


Tennis continues to capture the attention among young athletes, and it is forecasted to do so in the coming years. In the past, many people have gone straight to professional careers instead of continuing their studying career. That’s understandable; however, the college route should be the major focus that you should have. College gives you the angle where you can make mistakes at zero cost to your pocket. The chances that something is going to derail you is substantial. Moreover, the physical side of tennis has become much more demanding and, in most cases, athletes do not have the opportunity to go professional at 18 or 19. 

Here, at SportUSA we encourage our clients to pursue a studying career at a college in the United States. It is an unbelievable opportunity. Athletes like you can get an education and, especially for female athletes, a full scholarship at prestigious colleges. This is not for everybody, but it is something to seriously consider. There is no other country in the world that gives you a free education based on your athletics and your knowledge. 

Nowadays, education is very important and the goal of becoming a Division one tennis player and getting a scholarship in the United States is a great opportunity. You can obtain a degree while developing your tennis skills. Many professional tennis players competed in the college tennis system. It is a very worthwhile endeavor to go to college and increase the longevity of what you want to do. 

This is an exciting opportunity to go to college in the United States from anywhere in the world and get an education while you are playing tennis. We have experienced this for ourselves and we know everything that goes into this area, it is a wonderful thing to play tennis. 

Primarily, coaches look at the athletes’ results. This is going to be a determinant factor in the scholarships. UTR, ITF, LTA ranking are essential to get a tennis scholarship. 

Taking part in national tournaments prior to applying will showcase to coaches that you are able to compete at a high level. Additionally, coaches will talk to other people to get references from other players and colleagues. 

Nowadays, a lot of coaches fly out to tournaments to see the players compete and practice.

Coaches will also look at academic performances, which decides if the athlete is going to be able to get into school in the first place. 

In terms of the scholarships, for female athletes the opportunity is even more attractive. The gender equity law requires for every university to spend the exact amount for men as for women, and as a result there are a maximum of 8 scholarships available per women’s team in Division one, compared to 4.5 in the men’s team (view table). 

Men’s Tennis

Number of colleges

Number of scholarships

NCAA Division I



NCAA Division II




Women’s Tennis 

Number of colleges

Number of scholarships

NCAA Division I



NCAA Division II



Yes, for the most talented athletes. You will most likely find full scholarship offers at Division 1 level and you will need to be playing at a National level as a junior most likely. In general, there are more scholarships available for women than men due to NCAA ru

Athletes that are granted a tennis scholarship are expected to practice at least 5 times a week. Training sessions would consist of strength and conditioning training as well as tennis training. Many athletes from outside the US struggle to adapt to the physical demand of the circuit. This is why here at SportUSA we have a variety of nutritional programs, ITF support and training events that will help athletes to reach their potential. By following our personalized programs, international athletes will quickly adjust to the competition and gain an edge over other players. 

Meanwhile, the main competitive season takes place in the Spring, when most universities compete at the national level.

Sport USA can not only help find a university which will suit your individual requirements, but can also help you improve your tennis and grades before you go. We can assist with strength and conditioning programs, SAT tutoring, ITF tournament support and training weeks, all delivered by some of our elite partners from around the world.

Fill in our free assessment online and we will have one of our experts get in touch to discuss the possible opportunities. We only take a limited number of students each year, so if you are considering taking the next steps, start now!

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