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The following section is dedicated to athletes that are looking to earn track and field scholarships in the United States.


U.S college track and field continues to be one of the most popular sports among young athletes. This is because many of the world’s best track and field athletes went through the college system. Elite athletes such as Chris Coleman, Kajsa Bergqvist, Maurice Greene and Gail Devers are some examples of successful athletes who partook in collegiate track and field. Moreover, in the summer Olympics of Rio Janeiro 2016, almost 50 current college athletes competed in at least one event. Representing your University at national events is a great achievement for any athlete.


College track and field is an attractive opportunity for many international student-athletes.


Track and field programs in the U.S are tailored to the physical and psychological needs of each athlete. Understandably, competition for places is very high, which is why SportUSA offer a real advantage. We encourage our clients to pursue a studying career at a college in the United States as this allows the athlete to combine education and sport. Although it is no secret that this won’t be the case for everybody, the ones that succeed will not only enjoy an incredible opportunity but continue on an upward trajectory within their athletics career. Additionally, our team of professionals will provide you with the best advice and guidance in helping you to find the right university, which in turn will bring you a once in a lifetime experience. 


The idea is to complete the four-year college education and from there progress towards becoming a professional athlete. Here, at SportUSA what we are trying to do is to create that pathway together. 

Primarily, coaches look at two factors. The first factor is your worth to the team. A team is looking to get as many points as possible at the conference or NCAA level which will improve their ranking and in turn help other programs. Athletes in the top 8 of the events will bring numbers to the team. Another way to boost the athletes’ value to the coaches is by doing multiple events. The more events the athlete does the more opportunities the athlete has to score points at a conference meet. Therefore, this will increase the athletes’ value to the coaches.


The second factor is academics. Working hard in the classroom as well as on the track is vital. Athletes won’t be able to get into a school if they don’t have the grades. The added benefits of getting good grades throughout high school is the potential to earn an academic scholarship which will financially aid the athlete in their tuition fees. Lastly, in order to be considered by the top universities in the United States, athletes should compete at the most prestigious national tournaments at a younger age. This will show coaches that they are ready to compete in the U.S.


In terms of the scholarship itself, for female athletes the opportunity is even more attractive. The gender equity law requires for every university to spend the exact amount for men as for women, and as a result there are a maximum of 18 scholarships available per women’s team in Division one, compared to 12,2 in the men’s team. Scholarships are also available for Division two, with both men and women having 12,2 scholarships each.

Yes, for the most talented athletes. You will most likely find full scholarship offers at Division 1 level and you will need to be playing at a National level as a junior most likely. In general, there are more scholarships available for women than men due to NCAA ru

Athletes who are granted a track and field scholarship are expected to practice daily, sometimes more than once a day. Training sessions would be pretty much like a professional athlete and would consist of strength and conditioning practices as well as track and field training specified to the athletes’ events. U.S universities have the best facilities in the world with Olympic tracks, physiotherapy, weight rooms and the last technology available to each athlete. Typically, many athletes from outside the US struggle to adapt to the physical demand of the competition, which is why SportUSA have a variety of nutritional programs, ITF support and training events that will help athletes to reach their potential. By following our personalized programs, international athletes will quickly adjust to the competition and gain an edge over other track and field contestants.

Sport USA can not only help find a university which will suit your individual requirements, but can also help you improve your tennis and grades before you go. We can assist with strength and conditioning programs, SAT tutoring, ITF tournament support and training weeks, all delivered by some of our elite partners from around the world.

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