Social Media

Why have a social media profile?
  • Social media is not a stage, but you have to take care of it.


  • How much and what types of posts we add to our process can dramatically alter the outcome of the result in the end.


  • All too often, college coaches are pulling recruits from their radar because of their careless use of social media.

  • The impact that social media has on today’s recruiting world is only increasing.

  • Coaches are using social media, especially Twitter, to stay in contact with their recruits.


  • While this tool offers an array of benefits for both athletes and coaches, there are athletes who can eliminate their chances of being recruited simply by not thinking twice.


  • Coaches monitor their student-athlete’s social media, and this begins in the recruiting phase.


  • Once you are a part of an athletic programme, you represent not only yourself as a student-athlete, but you are also representing the university. The last thing that a coach wants is a student-athlete that could shed a poor light on the programme and cannot abide by their standards.
  • Here’s a few simple social media DOs and DON’Ts to consider throughout your college recruitment process.

Here are a few simple social media DOs and DON’Ts to consider throughout your college recruitment process.



NCAA Regulations

  • With NCAA’s strict regulations on how, where, and when a coach can have contact with a recruit, social media is becoming the go-to method of contact for many coaches.
  • Direct messages follow NCAA guidelines of contact via email while providing them with consistent and updated information on the student-athlete.
  • Use this tool to maximise your chances of receiving scholarship offers rather than it costing you thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarship money.
  • Coaches and the university are counting on YOU as the student-athlete to make their program have a phenomenal reputation. YOU are now representing a brand.
  • Think before you post!

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