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what is it?

The College Board website is where you will register for the SAT, and it also provides a huge amount of resources to help with studying, with many resources being free.


* Go to and register for an account


It is not required to input all of your educational background, just your personal details!

Check the International Student test dates and search for your nearest test centre

Book yourself on the next test date

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They will ask you if you would like to take the test with or without the essay. For more academically focused students. We recommend the essay, but it is not required. However, our SAT Tutor will advise you on all the information you need.

What is the SAT?



  • SAT can be a major source of stress for many students trying to get top marks, hoping it will help them secure a spot at the university they wish to attend.


  • But while SAT scores play a role in college admissions, the extent of its importance also depends on the institution to which you’re applying.


  • Apart from a candidate’s academic competitiveness, some universities may also look into letters of recommendation from the school and extracurricular activities, which means SAT scores aren’t always the primary focus for some college admissions.


  • Despite this, students should still aim for the highest score possible when sitting for the SAT test.

  • According to The College Board, the average SAT score in 2018 was 1,068. A perfect SAT score is 1,600, while the minimum is 400. The average score for maths 531, while the average score for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) is 536.
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SAT Tutor

What makes a good SAT score?

The answer largely depends on the institution you’re interested in.


  • If you have already taken your SAT and TOEFL test, please send us copies of all the results, or
  • If you haven’t taken those tests, don’t worry.


Your next email will introduce you to your SAT Tutor, who will guide you through that process, or.

If you plan on retaking any of the tests, let us know and keep us posted with your latest results


In our next email, we will introduce you to our SAT Tutor, Tom Carter, who will guide you through the SAT Test preparation and procedures.

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How early should | take an SAT? As early as possible! It is great to get a score on the table early and to give you enough time to retake if required

Effect on scholarship

Will the SAT effect my scholarship potential? Possibly, yes! They provide many academic scholarships based on your SAT score and/or your GPA. .


What is this GPA thing you have mentioned? It is a numerical score based on your high school grades, with 4.0 being the best. We will work it out for you, but you can find some guidance about it on the NCAA website.

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