Nova Dekker

Graduating 2024

Sport: Field Hockey Player from the Netherlands






1,72 m / 5'6 ft


Forward striker

About me:

Currently 16 years old. My home club is Buitenhout MHC in Almere, The Netherlands. At 7 years old I started playing field hockey. This season top U16 player and regular substitute top Ladies. Upcoming season top U18 player. My position is forwards striker, most specialized on the right side.

'English literature', 'digital marketing' or 'communication & media studies' are my studies of interest.


Athletic Goals:

  • Looking for an academic & sports scholarship.
  • Developing my game & skills, example; increase my strength, technical skills and getting faster.
  • I want to set a remarkably high athletic goal for myself.


Academic goals:

Combining studying and playing sports. Keeping the study habits and managing the academics correctly.

  • My ultimate academic goal is to leave with a diploma.


Personal & Athletic strengths:

From the age of 7 I have been a real team player. I am eager to learn and I focus on my results. As a player, ball control is my thing, I am a good communicator, extremely fast, and specialized in forcing penalty corners. As you can see in my introduction movie my forehand and backhand high hits are equally developed. My slogan is: be serious but also have fun!



Dylan Moscoviter - Coach / Trainer

During our time together Nova displayed great talents in different fields of
hockey. In our first semester I was immediately impressed with Nova and her
technical skills, but over time, her understanding and insights of the game grew
far more than that of her teammates. Read more

Anelia van Rijn - English Teacher

Nova has been a hardworking student in my English class. She stands out for her dedication to
learning. Her positive attitude and eagerness to participate in discussions create an engaging and
dynamic classroom environment. She is always proactive in seeking clarification and asking insightful
questions, demonstrating her genuine interest in the subject matter. Read More

Erik Schreuder- Coach / Trainer Ladies First
Nova shows great adaptability when it comes to its role within a tactical concept to be played. Here
too, her learning ability helps to adapt quickly and to master desired actions. I have the impression
that Nova is helped in this by not only accepting a tactical concept, but actually trying to understand
and fathom it. This gives her an advantage over her average peers. Read more
Enzo Hoebers – Coach / Trainer

Nova is always present during practice; she is driven and always up for an action. The communication
is on point. She is absolutely coachable. Nova listens to you and adjusts herself best way possible,
that is a valuable characteristic for a field hockey player. She is a great person! Nova will do anything
to get the best out of herself and her teammates. She is a great constant and positive value to the
team. Read more

  • Dutch language and literature  B
  • English language and literature A-
  • Social Studies B+
  • Physical Education (PE)  A
  • Culture and arts studies B
  • History B+
  • German Language and literature B-
  • Geography B-
  • French language and literature - Passing


  • Royal Dutch Hockey Bond (KNHB) certified youth coach/trainer since 2020
  • 2017 -2018/ All-season district champions, U12-2 (division 3) – 5th class
  • Spring 2019/ District champions of the spring, U12-1 (division 2/3) – 4th class
  • 2021-2022/ 2nd place in district 2x, U16-1 (division 2) – 3rd class
  • Spring 2021/ Tournament champions of 3 districts, U14-1 (division 2) – 3rd class
  • Fall 2022/ District champions of the fall, U16-1 (low division 1/ top division 2) – 2nd A class
  • Participant 4 miles city race, from 2018 to 2022
  • Spring 2023/ 3rd place in district, U16-1 (low division 1/ top division 2) – 2nd A class
  • Fall 2023/ Shared 1st place in district, U18-1 (top division 2) – 3rd A class
  • Winter 2023-2024/ Indoor season participant, U18-1 (low division 1/ top division 2) – 2nd A class
  • Spring 2024/ Currently scheduled to play 2nd B class in the district; Central-Netherlands

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