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  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center;
  • Completely and accurately fill out the “Sports Participation” section during registration;
  • Request final amateurism certification promptly; and
  • Monitor tasks assigned to their account.

Academic minimums

  • Minimum 2.3 GPA for Division I;
  • 2.2 GPA for Division II in 16 Core Course

SAT and Act scores

  • When you register for the SAT or ACT, use the NCAA Eligibility Center code of 9999, so your scores are sent directly to the Eligibility Center from the testing agency.
  • Test scores on transcripts will not be used in your academic certification.

Setting up an NCAA Account and Completing Registration

  • The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is the governing body of almost of college sports in the USA.
  • Register with them and send them a fair bit of information as they have a series of minimum requirements for you to be eligible to play.
  • The process is complicated, so start the process early to allow for things that don’t quite go to plan.
  • The first step to take in your NCAA experience is to complete an NCAA Eligibility Centre registration form.
  • By doing so, you will become certified by the NCAA—a status that will need to be achieved before visiting any Division I or II school.
  • We consider this crucial registration process as the first box to check. With this registration, you can compete as an NCAA athlete for any accredited college denoted as either Division I or II.
  • This registration process is not only the first mandatory responsibility of all prospective student-athletes, but it also opens the door to a vast array of resources to help you in your athletic and scholastic journey.
  • The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is the governing body of almost of college sports in the USA.

Quick tips

  • Once you have decided that you want to become a student-athlete in your sport or sports, you must become eligible for a Division I or II college or university.
  • First, you must first set up an account by visiting
  • Here, you can decide between the two options of setting up a standard profile page or certification account
  • If you are unsure exactly which path you want to take to compete in a Division I, II, or III school, or you are thinking of Division III, creating a profile page will allow you find resources and guidance to help you make your decision on what is best for you.
  • If you already know that you want to compete for a Division I or II, completing a certification account is the step to take here. If you decide on shifting aspirations from Division III to Division I or II, a certification account is also mandatory.
  • Completing a certification account takes only about 30 to 45 minutes, but several important and mandatory pieces of information must be available in order to complete the form.
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Student Sports Participation History

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