Wolfe Hudepohl

Graduation year: 2025









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2021-2022 / Honors English 9 / 100,101
2021-2022 / Honors Algebra II / 97,93
2021-2022 / Honors Biology / 98,103
2022 / Chinese II / 85
2021 / Honors Chinese II / 93
2021 / Introduction to Religious Studies / 99
2022 / Foundation of Art / 95
2022-2023 / Honors English 10 / 100,99
2022-2023 / Honors Precalculus / 93,96
2022-2023 / Honors Chemistry / 101,101
2022-2023 / Chinese III / 83,87
2022-2023 / AP World History / 99,104
2022 / Introduction to Economics / 99
2023 / Intro to Engineering / 99
2023 / Photography I / 97
2022 / Siempre Verde Short Course / A

Write a statement about your strengths, goals, values

Between 8th and 10th grade, I grew over 8 inches to 6-foot-3. During that time, my tennis improved just as quickly. When I started playing at an academy the summer before freshman year, I couldn’t get enough. Each week, I reached out to my coach to squeeze in extra lessons, and arrived before and stayed after each session to practice serves or hit drop feeds on my own. From that point on, my goal was to play in college and become the best tennis player possible.

I am coachable, always wanting to get better, and I lead by example. I give 120 percent each practice and school day. I am competitive and willing to do whatever it takes to be the last man standing.

These qualities have been instilled in me since I was young, even when I was in kindergarten, playing competitive chess at the national scholastic level. My dad is a 3-time Olympic medalist in swimming and former All-American at Stanford University. Four of my cousins are D1 athletes; two are now playing pro. Growing up in this environment, I know what it looks like to balance hard work in both school and sports at a high level. Being a student-athlete takes dedication, consistency, planning, work ethic, and prioritizing choices, all skills that I have been mastering my whole life.

In college, like now, I will help bring the team together. I’m a naturally strong communicator, easy to get along with, and a versatile leader. At my tennis academy, when I was injured and unable to play for three months over the summer, I showed up each day and helped out, running the ball machines, picking up balls, taking videos, and motivating the other players. During lunch break, I’d drive my exhausted friends to any restaurant they wanted. At school, I created a grade-wide Quizlet class to help everyone study; it started with one person and one study set and grew to 177 people (out of the 200 people in my grade) and over 340 study sets. Each year, I manage NFL fantasy football leagues both for school and for 10 of my dad’s friends, serving as commissioner and sending and receiving organization emails. I’ll always be that guy to help others, helping bond everyone as a team. I also volunteer for Atlanta Youth Tennis and Education Foundation (AYTEF). It’s a fun opportunity to help underserved kids enjoy the sport I love so much.

I’m looking for a college program where I can continue to work hard both in the classroom and on the courts. I’ve taken Honors and AP courses, and made the Principal’s List (highest available honor) every semester since sixth grade when it started being recorded.

My biggest obstacle came during sophomore year when I amped up my volume of tennis training and tournaments while simultaneously experiencing a huge growth spurt. A growth plate bone injury sidelined me from tournaments for six months. As I waited for the bone to heal, I did anything I could every day to move forward toward my goals: tennis specific footwork and fitness with my coach, strength training in the gym, timed runs through my neighborhood, yoga to increase my flexibility and practice breathing, mental training sessions to prepare for ups and downs on the court, physical therapy to prevent future injury, and meal planning with a nutritionist. I couldn’t hit, but I set my alarm and showed up every day.

As of my junior year, I am working privately with Jean-Yves Aubone, former ACC Player of the Year, ATP pro, and traveling coach of Reilly Opelka. I am also all in at my new college-prep tennis academy led by Coach Marcelo Ferreira, former coach at Pepperdine University and Texas Tech. In addition to leading a program committed to a high level of excellence, where the average player increases 1.5 to 2 UTR points a year, Coach Marcelo focuses on on- and off-court values including discipline, accountability, selflessness, teamwork, and professionalism. I may have gotten a late start, but I have been, and will continue to be, catching up fast.

Reference from Coach Jean-Yves Aubone, 2-time All-American, ACC Scholar-Athlete of the Year and ACC Player of the Year, former ATP pro and winner of 17 professional titles, former traveling coach of Reilly Opelka:

Wolfe is one of the most coachable players I’ve ever met. From day one, I’ve never had to ask him to work harder or pay attention. He wants to get better and he shows it. Not only that, we’ve actually had to ask him to slow down on some occasions. There were times where he was working too hard, or working too much, or pushing through an injury that he should have rested through. He’s willing to do whatever it takes. That type of character is going to be an incredible asset for a team. He’s going to push the guys around him, be a great role model, a great team player, and is one of those guys that will make everyone better around him. Wolfe is a coach’s dream.

He did start tennis late in life, but that’s actually made it more fun to work with him. He’s a tall, lanky, lefty athlete ready to take in all this new information. Fortunately he learned a great slice serve, so he has a great weapon there. With each incremental piece that’s added to his game, his level is going to rise exponentially, and it’s going to be a fun ride to the top.

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