Sebastian Istvan Fekete

Graduation year: 2024









Other Info

Soccer/Football Player

Subjects and Grades – List them all

Mathematics Higher – 5
English Language – 5
English Literature – 4
Combined Science – 5-5
French – 5
Creative iMedia – 8
Physical Education – 6
Statistics – 4
Level 3 Public services (end of year 1) – Merit

Write a statement about your strengths, goals, values

As a football player, my strengths lie in a dynamic combination of athleticism, strategic thinking, and unwavering dedication. Blessed with speed, agility, power and eye for goal i could be the complete player for many teams.As a wide-eyed 5-year-old, I took my first steps onto the football pitch, a tiny player in a world of giants. Little did I know that those initial moments would mark the beginning of a lifelong journey with the sport that would shape my character, discipline, and ultimately, lead me to playing football at a commendable level.In the early years, football was more about chasing the ball and scoring goals than understanding the intricacies of the game. The football pitch became my second home, a place where I discovered the joy of teamwork and the thrill of competition. Through the ups and downs of those early games, the passion for the sport ignited within me.As the years passed, my commitment to football deepened. I perfected my skills, attending countless practices, and dedicating weekends to intense games. The passion and dedication with teammates became the backbone of my experience, forging friendships that transcended the boundaries of just the pitch. The lessons learned during wins and losses became building blocks for my personal growth.As I transitioned from youth leagues to more competitive levels, the challenges intensified. The physical demands of the game required not only skill but also mental toughness. Coaches became mentors, pushing me to exceed my limits and helping me understand the strategic tactics of the sport. Each setback became a lesson and a lesson meant another way to improve. As a current 17 year old player my goals and values go beyond just the pitch and it defines me as an athlete but also as an individual. Some of the things that i value most are dedication, passion and most certainly teamwork as i believe with a team of players around you and a group of people with you with these set of skills and values you can achieve anything.

Date/Event/Results(List all) Athletics

Top Goalscorer 17-18 Season with 31 goals in 21 games.
Top Goalscorer 20-21 Season with 13 goals in 8 games.
Top Goalscorer 22-23 Season with 18 goals in 12 games with U18 team.
Won the league in 21-22.
Awarded Young Player of the Year 22/23 with my senior team.
Won the league 22-23 with senior team.
Had a first team call up at Raunds Town, Step 5 team.
Currently regularly playing step 6 football with mens and my youth team.

‘I had the pleasure of managing Seb from U13s through to U18s .
18s Seb was my captain , he had the respect from his teammates and from me ,which was one of the reasons I made him my captain . Seb works so hard for his teammates and has that winning mentality which would be an asset for any team . Seb thrives on hard work and scoring goals . Most importantly Seb is a nice lad very polite and a good person I would recommend Seb at all times.’ – Former coach and Peterborough United Scout.
Had another first team call up at Rothwell Corinthians, Step 5 team.
Started playing step 6 football at 16.
Currently play highest level at college football with performance team.
Played against national league Banbury UTD and scored.

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