Sara Rock

Graduation year: 2025







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Subjects and Grades – List them all

10th grade (first semester)

-AP Human Geography: A
-Honors World Literature: A
-Spanish 2: A

10th grade (second semester)
-AP Environmental Science: A
-Geometry: A
-Spanish 3: A
-Honors World History: A

11th grade (first semester)
-AP European History: A
-AP US History (Dual Enrollment): A
-Algebra 2: A
-Food and Nutrition: A

11th grade (second semester)
-AP Government and Politics
-AP Psychology
-AP English 1101 (Dual Enrollment)
-Honors Physics

Summer Semester:
-AP Intro to Sociology (Dual Enrollment)
-AP Intro to Ethics (Dual Enrollment)
-AP Media Culture and Society (Dual Enrollment)

12th grade classes
-AP English 1102 (Dual Enrollment)
-AP Biology
-AP Macroeconomics (Dual Enrollment)
-AP African American Studies
-Food Science
-AP Comparative Government
-AP Art History (Dual Enrollment)

Academic Achievements:

– Inducted into National Honors Society, English Honor Society, Athletic Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society (Rho Kappa), and Beta Honor Society Fall 2023
– Co President/Founder of the Dunwoody High School’s 21st Century Leadership Club
-Awarded $5000 grant by Noble Investment to help fund the 21st Century Leadership Club
-Developed a book club for the Kingsley Elementary School after school program. Includes weekly sessions where I read in-person to students.
-Transcript Includes 15 AP Classes and 7 honors classes (upon graduation)

Write a statement about your strengths, goals, values

At the age of seven, I was first introduced to the thrilling world of tennis and it immediately became my passion. My mother, a former NCAA Division III Champion at Amherst College, played a significant role in igniting my love for the sport. She introduced me to professional coaches who helped me sharpen my technical skills and aided in my development as a player. It was during the fall of 2022 that I realized my desire to pursue tennis at the collegiate level. With this goal in mind, I sought out the expertise of Marcelo Ferriera and Garrett Vinson. Despite my lack of tennis knowledge, physicality, and weak mental frame, the coaches and players at Windy Hill were instrumental in transforming these perceived weaknesses into sources of positivity and motivation. Their guidance and support helped me to develop into a confident player who could not only compete but thrive in the sport.

My constant presence and nonstop training have facilitated the development of my skills and resulted in substantial progress. Tennis has been a significant influence in my life, helping me tackle obstacles and gain a deeper understanding of myself. Additionally, it has instilled in me the valuable lesson that flaws are a natural aspect of being human, and perfection is not a prerequisite for success.

While tennis remains an important aspect of my life, I hold academics in equally high regard. I think education is extremely important for success and I love both reading and writing. I hope to major in Psychology. Through my passion for tennis, I have been able to explore different cultures and travel to various countries. In June 2022, I had the opportunity to visit Biot, France, where I trained at the prestigious Mouratoglou Academy. The following year, I also played at the Soto Tennis Academy in Sotogrande, Spain, which was an amazing experience. Traveling and training at different academies around the world has not only improved my tennis skills but has also allowed me to broaden my horizons and appreciate the beauty of other cultures. I am excited about the recruitment process and finding the right fit where I can contribute to the team, develop my skills, and progress as an individual and tennis player.

Date/Event/Results(List all) Athletics

Athletic Achievements:

1. One Love Thanksgiving Jr. National 5 (3rd place, G14s) 2020

2. Hudlow Jr. Championships G14 Winner 2020

3. Hudlow 2021 Championships G16 Winner

4. Lagrange High School Tournament Finalist 2022 Season

5. Mouratoglou Tennis Academy (Biot, France) Sportsmanship Winner June Training 2022

6. Road to The Masters G14 Doubles Winner

7. Hudlow Spring Champion G16 Winner 2022

8. CTC and Top Tennis Academy Winner Spring 2023

9. Soto Tennis Academy Access Player, in Sotogrande Spain, June 2023, and competed in a tournament in La Linea.

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