Razvan Cristian Lazar

Graduation year: 2024

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182 CM



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Academic Results 2022:
• Maths (higher) – 4
• English – 5,5
• Science – 4,4
• Business – 8
• Sports – 9
• Art – 4

Academic Results 2023:
• Sport L3 studies – Pass

Write a statement about your strengths, goals, values

Athlete Overview

-My goal is simply to become the best version of myself. I am a hard working and talented player who has always played catch up due to starting tennis at the late age of 9 and a half years old due to financial issues after moving from my home country of Romania to the UK. Due to my hard work and consistency I’ve managed to become a top player in the UK, working with the resources available to me.

-This made me have a fighting personality and be a person who is hungry for success and is willing to go beyond the limits to achieve that. Also due to the moving countries and coming to a country where you don’t have much throughout the years also built so much mental toughness. I want to take tennis to the ultimate level of becoming a professional player with the help of college tennis helping to develop me further. My mother and father have helped shape me into the man I am today, helping mature me and influencing me to be the way I am on and off the court.

-My decision of applying for a tennis scholarship in the US is for me to be able to have a good and consistent training programme with good players and coaches to help me and guide me to reach my best level. With several different experiences from playing at National events like Wimbledon at the under 14 level to playing ITF men’s 15K and 25K qualifying events I am sure this is what I want to do for my career after I finish my year 13 in the UK. Being able to play tennis and study in the US whilst being part of a welcoming team is a great opportunity and something I am very excited to be doing.

-I’ve previously represented my club in several national team competitions while having some great records, and representing my County playing in events like 12 Counties and County Cup at the u18 level. I’m lucky to have played both singles and doubles in a team and have great experience in certain tough moments where I was able to sometimes step up as a leader and take responsibility. I would be a great addition to any team in the US and I would be ready to give it my all for myself, my coaches, my teammates and most importantly for the College.

-Tennis has taught me many things about myself and that is that I never give up even in the most low moments of my careers. A few years ago I had switched backhands from two handed to a one handed backhand, putting a lot of pressure on my shoulder leading to quite a serious injury, sitting me out of the game I love for 3-4 months. This was super tough as it was another setback where I had to catch up again. In my education I am currently at college and am expected a distinction in Sports Studies. A huge learning opportunity for me when I came to college was that I had to be disciplined and have good time management to be able to complete essays and assignments for my course which has helped me become disciplined in the game of tennis too.

-My goal for the next few years at college in the US is to become the best version of myself overall but to also have a great influence in the team and have success within the university with both tennis and academics. My future goal is to be able to play in front of the most prestigious crowds and to keep doing the thing I love everyday.

Date/Event/Results(List all) Athletics

• Grantham Summer Open G3 – Men’s and u18 Winner (August 2023)
• Leamington Summer Open G3 – u18 Runner Up (August 2023)
• Ashby castle Regional tour G3 – Men’s Winner (May 2023)
•Ashby castle Regional tour G3 – Men’s Winner (April 2023)
• Wolverhampton Open G3 – u18 Doubles Winner (April 2023)
• Sutton Coldfield Open G3 – u18 Doubles Runner Up (April 2023)
• Loughborough Winter Open G3 – u18 Runner Up (December 2022)
• Qualified and played at the Road to Wimbledon tournament hosted at the famous grass courts (July 2017)
• Northamptonshire 12 Counties Winners (February 2023)
• Ranked no1 player statistic in the group winning 6/6 matches at no1 for my club in the National premier league ( June 2022)
• Played qualifying at 15K tournament in Antalya winning my first Pro match of my career (November 2022)

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