Paloma Morales

Graduation year: 2016

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100 m, 200 m and relays - 100 m: 11.56 s 200 m: 23.73 s

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Between 2007 and 2017, she participated in National competitions, winning medals in each one.


In 2013, she earned a bronze medal in the 400-metre dash and her first individual gold medal in the 400- metre hurdles. Winning a ticket to the World Cup in Ukraine.

In 2014, she participated, and won three gold medals in the 400 metre hurdles, the 4×100 relay, the 4×400 relay, and a silver in the 400 metre dash.
Being the state’s female athlete who won the most gold medals in her sport for the Jalisco 2014 squad and finishing in the top 8 of the nation’s overall rankings.
With this, she obtained her pass and classification for the Central American youth championship and had excellent participation in her first international competition, where she won a silver medal in the 400 metre hurdles and gold in the 4×400 relay with an event record.

In 2015, she continued to qualify for the National Olympics, winning silver in the 400-metre hurdles, bronze in the 400-metre dash, and gold in the 4×400-metre relay.

For the 2016 Tijuana competition, she finished with a silver medal in the 400-metre hurdles and a gold medal in the relay.

Her last participation in the stage of the National Olympiad was in 2017, held in Monterrey, where he won Gold in the relay and silver in the 400 metre hurdles.

As of 2018, She participated in the First Force National Championship, which was his first time in the professional category, She obtained a silver medal in the 400 metre hurdles and Gold in the 4×100 relay.

Runner-up in the National University in the 400 metre hurdles that same year, obtaining her qualification for the University Pan American.

That same year, she was invited to a camp in Japan to raise her physical level and prepare for future international competitions.

The National First Force Championship 2019, held in Chihuahua, obtained silver in the 4×100 relay and the third best mark in the 400-metre hurdles in the 2018- 2019 season.

In the same way, for the second time, she was invited by the FMAA ( Federation of Mexican Athletic Associations) to Japan to continue improving her performance for the next 2024 Olympic cycle.

In 2012, was in third place in the test of the 200 flat metres in the National Championship held in Querétaro.

In 2022, she stayed in the 100 and 200-metre flat tests, winning a silver medal in the first-force national and being the second fastest woman in Mexico, with excellent marks, obtaining a place in the Central Americans, and with a view to the 2023 Pan-American Games .

Thus, following her process for the next Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

In 2023, the FMAA decided to take away her place obtained from the Central American games as well as the Pan-American games, in which she wanted to continue her sports career outside of Mexico for better results.

This year she had problems with her training programme, which took fourth place in the nationals and is still in second place in the Mexican ranking.

She continues with the same goals for the Olympic Games in 2024.

Date/Event/Results(List all) Athletics

– 2021

14th February
NL Cup (México)
100m 11.99
200m 24.80

10th May
Track meet of Champions (San Antonio)
200m 24.70

02th June
National first category (México)
100m 11.97
200m 24.60

– 2022

10th April
Federation competition (México)
100m 11.60
200m 23.73

03th June
National first category
100m 11.56
200m 24.00

21th July
Memorial Barrientos (Cuba)
100m 11.60
200m 24.20

20th August
NACAC (Bahamas)
100m 11.64
200m 23.90

– 2023

01th April
Texas Relays (Austin)
100m 11.70

30th May
National first category (México)
100m 11.80
200m 24.40
4x100m 45.50

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