Jónas Gabriel Mueller Thor

Graduation year: 2025






Left back and left wing

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My IGCSE grades will be published in August 2023

Summer 2023

German native B
English Lang B
English lit B
Double Science AA
Mathematics C
Geography A*
Computing A

Write a statement about your strengths, goals, values

My personal statement

I have always loved doing sports. I had hardly learned to walk when I started taking part in the Track and field team in my home town and soon I was winning all the running competitions. I was faster than children who were a head taller than I. I was also a member of the handball team and played Tennis but as I got older I knew that soccer was my thing.

I have been an important member of any team I have played with since I was four years old. I am ambitious and in order to be able to train high level soccer, I have to travel a long distance, which I gladly do. For the past year I have trained four times a week. My day’s are long and my weekends I spend going to matches with my team where I am always in the starting team. I am studying hard in school and am working on my Pilot licence (PPL). I also love music, playing the drums and creating my own music on bandlab (https://www.bandlab.com/kraze_kid).

I have great stamina, and currently hold the school record in the 3 mile run. I am one of the quickest players on the field and my biggest asset is that I am equally strong with my left and right foot. This has given me a great advantage, making me a very versatile player. My strongest positions are left back and left wing where I have mostly played in the last two years but I have also played right back and right wing and for a while I also played as a striker. My strengths on the field are my long passes through the opponents defence, where my passes are dangerous and accurate. My speed makes it hard to catch with me as I run up the wing from the bottom of the field. It also gives me advantage in duels where I am not afraid of taking on any challenge. My tackles are precise and I am always quick to be back on my post.

I am a very disciplined player and a coach never has to tell me anything twice. I listen with respect and am happy to go the extra mile. I step up to challenges, which have been more than a few since I joined the Taxofit Football School. This season I will be playing on the U19 team, which is two lage groups higher than I could play. I decided to take the challenge, since I know that it will only make me stronger. And due to my attitude, strength and reliability, the coach was very eager to have me on his team.
This last season, my team came second in our division, which we were very proud of since most of us players were younger and in this age, there is a significant difference in hight and maturity.

I am a strong academic, and I enjoy studying especially geography and sciences. I am striving to be a role model for others, combining my academic skills and my athleticism to create opportunities that will give me a good start in life.

I have won titles with my football team almost every year. My most memorable one was when I was ten and had been moved up to play with the twelve year olds for the season. I was half the size of the older boys but no one could stop me when I started running. I had an exceptional season, scoring the most goals and giving countless assists.

I have never really focused on role models, but rather done my own thing. My parents have always inspired me and I am very grateful for all the support they give me particularly when it comes to soccer. My goal for the next two years is to study hard, so that I can get the best grades possible on my IB, finish my pilot licence and taking my game to the next level, becoming the best soccer player I can possibly be.

I would like to study Palaeontology and this summer I was lucky to be able to participate in excavations of old viking remains in the north of Iceland. We even found pearls and cloth.
I am open to any possibility that will let me study and play soccer at a high level. In college, I look forward to leaving everything on the pitch after a match and also showing what I am made of in class.

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Athlete Achievements:

2019: Rise to Bezirksliga with Viktoria Arnoldsweiler
2019/2020: Playing Bezirksliga with Viktoria Arnoldsweiler
2020: “Football Player of the year” award by St. George’s International School Cologne
2021: Successful application to Taxofit Football School
2021/22: U15 Sonderliga
2022/23: U17 Sonderliga
2023/24: offered a place in U19

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