Jessica Wilde

Graduation year: 2025







ITF Ranking

singles=30.8 Doubles=31.2

U18 Ranking


Other Info

Subjects and Grades – List them all

BTEC sport – Level 2 Distinction*
Combined science – 8/8
Psychology – 8
History – 8
Business – 7
Maths higher – 7
Religious studies – 7
English literature – 6
Spanish higher – 6
English Language – 5 (spoken language – Distinction)

Write a statement about your strengths, goals, values

-One of my strengths is that I have a strong serve as I am able to add variation by applying spin, slice or playing a flat serve as well as achieving good placement within the service box.
-A second strength is that I am a quick learner due to my good listening skills and my willingness to take on advice and therefore adapt my technique to make rapid and effective improvements to my game.
-A final strength would my ability to use my slice effectively in both offensive and defensive situations.

-One goal I have been working on is to incorporate a larger variety of shot selection into my game as well as improve my ability to vary the pace of the ball during rallies.
-Another goal I have been working on is to create faster racket head speed on both offensive and defensive shots.
-A final goal I have been working on is to improve my overall footwork.

Date/Event/Results(List all) Athletics

2017 Aegon team tennis 10U mixed division 4A – winners
2018 West Herts junior finalist – Runner up
2019 West Herts junior finalist – Winner
2021 Northwood junior finalist – Winner
2021 West Herts junior doubles finalist – Runner up
2021 National League county division 1 – Winners
2021 National League regional playoffs – Runner up
2022 West Herts mixed doubles – Winners
2022 West Herts women’s finalist – Runner up
2023 Northwood women’s finalist – Runner up

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