Hayden Poole

Graduation year: 2022






Striker/Attacking midfielder

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Subjects and Grades – List them all

GCSE results:
Combined science- 44
Business- 4
Geography- 5
History- 4
Mathematics- 5
Sports studies- 5
Religious Studies- 4
English Language- 4
English literature- 4

Predicted A-Levels:
Cam-tech Business: Merit
Cam-tech Sports Studies: Distinction

Write a statement about your strengths, goals, values

Personal statement
In January 2019 after a prolonged period of chronic illness I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. During this time for a period, I was hospitalised and extremely ill. It made me drop plenty of weight getting down to 46kg at the age of 14. This condition put me out of playing football for nearly 7 months and put me out of school for a year.

Before getting diagnosed with Crohn’s I had been playing regular football for my local team Beckenham Town Football Club. I successfully completed a trial at Bromley County Football Club where I started and played 5 games until I became ill with Crohn’s Disease.

After I was diagnosed, I was prescribed with medication and with this I started getting better. At this time the Covid pandemic came about and this meant I was considered a high risk and vulnerable person. I had to self-isolate, stop playing football and going to school. Being a determined and motivated individual, I did not let this put me down and I saw it as a way to better myself. I took the decision to be a step ahead of everyone when things got back to normal so I started working out every day and not giving up when things got tough.

I started doing more football drills in the garden preparing and working hard. I made sure I was the best possible version of myself for when the Covid lockdown period ended. I kept seeing progress within myself and I kept making small goals along the way to keep myself motivated with the end goal being to return to football and school again. The only way I could achieve this was by working hard and that’s what I did.

I made sure to work hard everyday both by completing my schoolwork and making sure I was maintaining my fitness to be the best I could. During these times football was my motivator to keep pushing through and working but it also kept me grounded and provided me with direction and some peace.

I want to go to America because I feel like the USA pathway will be good for me as it will be a good way for me to develop and improve my game but also challenge me in a new environment. I believe the football activity and commitment will help me stay on track with my work knowing if I do it I will get rewarded with playing football at a high level and also coming out with a degree.
I’m currently studying A-levels at Hayes Secondary school my chosen subjects are Cam-Tech Business and Sports studies for which I’m predicted to achieve a Merit in Business and a Distinction in Sports studies.

Here is what my Football coach (Ryan Oconnel- Beckenham town) said about me:

Hayden’s footballing ability is really good. His technical ability is at a high level as he can hold the ball up due to his incredible strength and his quick feet. One of his strengths is his passing and when he play’s he can pick out forward runs with a pinpoint pass. His finishing is another strength and this is due to his composure in front of goal as he steadies himself and looks at the goal keeper’s positioning before scoring.

His attitude is one of the best in the teams as he is very competitive and trains at the same intensity as he would play in a match on the weekend. During training he has the highest of standards of himself and the rest of the team. He is a leader within the squad and is someone I can rely on to get the team through a hard time in the match. He always encourages his team mates to try their best and the take risk without moaning. He is always eager to learn ad is always asking me to what he can do better and what he should do to improve. This just shows his strong character and eagerness to improve.

Date/Event/Results(List all) Athletics

Holland Easter Open South Tournament- semi-finalists 2022
Represented Bromley District- 2020
Kent County cup- Quarter finalists 2021
Charlton Community trust- Winners 2022
Tottenham Hotspur trialist- 2014
Charlton Athletic Football club- 2014

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