Ella Boddington

Graduation year: 2027

SAT Results





Fall Semester – 3.794 / Spring Semester – 3.44





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Subjects and Grades – List them all

GCSEs 2020:
iMedia – Distinction Level 2
Combined Science – 55
History – 6
PE – 7
Maths – 5
English Language – 7
English Literature – 6
Art – 5

A Level 2022:
English Combined – C
Media – B
PE – B

Write a statement about your strengths, goals, values

My strengths in my tennis game would have to be my serve as it sets up points well but also my hand skills at the net playing doubles plus just my doubles game in general. I have a mindset that anything I put my mind to, I will be able to achieve it. I work hard not just on the tennis court but also off the court, thus showing my determination to achieve something. My goals during my college time is to improve my tennis to the best I can and to learn from the people around me. As well receive a degree that can set me up for the future. Values to me are important and for me there has to be a good team ethic, where nobody gets left behind and we support and are respectful to each other during the good and difficult times.

Date/Event/Results(List all) Athletics

18u Girls Doubles County Champion 2021
2021 – 19-4 W/L in Doubles
2022 – 8-2 W/L in Doubles
7-6 W/L in Singles

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