Maciej Leszczynski

Fall 2024

Swimming: Freestyle & Butterfly from Poland






  • 9 -GPA 5.13
  • 10 - GPA 5.29
  • 11 - GPA 4.85
  • 12 - predicted 4.8




  • 50 free SCM 22.90 LCM 23.77
  • 100 free SCM 50.74 LCM 52.74
  • 50 fly SCM 25.10 LCM 25.66
  • 100 fly SCM 57.01 LCM 57.58
  • 100 IM 59.99
  • Medley 200 IM SCM 2.13.71 and 200 freestyle

Athletic strengths:

Being an athlete, you need to have a great mentality, and I have it. I can focus on my goals and achieve them because I have a lot of determination. In swimming, swim technique is really important, so I am doing everything I can to improve that. I am progressing all the time, and because of that, I am going forward.

Goals for the future

In this moment, I am in special training for the Polish Senior Championship (April 27–30, 2023), where I want to get my European Junior Championship qualification.
However, my biggest dream is to study and swim in the USA. In the future, I want to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games..

Coach's review

Raciborz, Poland, 28.02.2023 r.

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to recommend Maciej Leszczynski for your program. I have known Maciej for 3 years, but I am his coach for almost 1 year – his previous coach has retired. In that time, I have been able to measure his character and get to know him very well – sadly we have only one year to work together and it is too short period of time to fully develop someone’s potential. Maciej came to our school from another city, living in dorm by himself by the age of 15 is already difficult, and if we add to it hard practice and good school marks he can already be proud of himself. It has to been mention that Maciej started school one year earlier than other kids form his age group so he always was the younger one.

As a coach of different swim group I could only observe him. He always did extra work such as extra weight training or stretched after workout. Although, I haven’t know him really good earlier he was always polite and he represented good manners. Now, when I work with him since September 2022, I can tell a lot more about him. Maciej is definitely high achiever – yes sometimes too high goals can be problematic but for Maciej and his sport stubbornness high goals are extra drive for him. And he likes this kind of additional push. He quickly became leader in sprints events in our high school, 50 and 100 freestyle will always be his favorite but he is not afraid of racing other events such as butterfly and individual medley events.

He is very aware of every swimming aspect that can influence his performance. He is always ready to race and hungry for success. It pays off and he always race his best. Here is a list of his swimming accomplishments:

50 freestyle 23.04 (SCM), 23,80 (LCM)

100 freestyle 51.67 (SCM), 53.38 (LCM)

50 butterfly 25.59 (SCM), 26.25 (LCM)

100 butterfly 57.01 (SCM), 58.86 (LCM)

Maciej’s maturity level is ahead of his age. He has the ability to avoid distraction and conflicts within the group – he always has his eyes only on achieving his goals. He could only enhance any program he becomes a part of. It is without hesitation that I recommend him for your program to serve in any capacity needed


Rafal Balys

Swimming Coach

Liceum Mistrzostwa Sportowego w ZSOMS w Raciborzu

(Sports High School in Raciborz, Poland).

Duolingo score:



12th class:

  • Biology 5
  • History 4
  • English 4
  • German 5
  • Polish 4
  • Mathematic 4
  • WF 6

Information about times in his career




  • SMS League Round I 15.12.2022
  • 50 freestyle: 23.27 SCM 6th place
  • 50 butterfly: 25.59 SCM 13th place 
  • Polish Winter championships of seniors. Youths and Juniors 17, 18 years old 31.11.2022
  • 100 freestyle: 51.83 SCM 12th place
  • 50 freestyle: 23.04 SCM Final C 7th place
  • Polish Junior Championships 19.07.2022
  • 50 freestyle: 23.86 LCM FInal B 2nd place 
  • Polish Open 30.04.2022
  • 50 freestyle: 23.91 LCM Final C 5th place
  • Arena Grand Prix Polish Cup 9.04.2022 
  • 50 freestyle: 24.15 LCM 7th place (category junior)
  • Arena Grand Prix Polish Cup 26.02.2022
  • 50 freestyle: 24.50 LCM 4th place (category junior)


  • Winter Polish Junior Championships 16 years old 12.12.2021
  • 50 freestyle: 23.65 SCM 9th place Final A
  • 100 butterfly: 57.86 SCM 10th place Final A
  • 50 butterfly: 26.04 SCM 7th place Final B
  • 100 Freestyle: 52.39 SCM 4th place Final B
  • Summer Polish Junior Championships 16 years old 15.07.2021
  • 50 freestyle: 24.69 LCM 9th place Final A
  • 100 butterfly: 59.78 LCM 6th place Final B
  • 50 butterfly: 26.75 LCM 7th place Final B
  • 100 freestyle: 55.35 LCM 6th lace Final B

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