Lech Gontar


Sport: Tennis Player from Poland








019/2020: 3.53

2020/2021: 2.75

2021/2022: 3.94

2022/2023: 4.36



LTA Ranking

National men's ranking: 38 (2023)

National junior ranking: 14 (2021)

ITF Ranking



Athletic strengths:

Goals: to make progress in my tennis, to meet players with different style, to get coaching support, to play matches, generally to continue tennis career
Strengths: forehand, serve, match tactics Values: fair play, respect to other players, be professional

Personal Statement

My name is Leszek Gontar. I am from Poland. 
Sport was always important part of my life. As a child, I was not walking, but jumping and running. Then riding a bike, rolls, playing football, table tennis, badminton or volleyball. And of course tennis. I liked to play tournaments. It was real fun for me. To meet other players and to compete. I was never nervous, never cried that I lost.

I'm an optimist. I believe that even if I loose I will have another opportunity to win tomorrow. Tennis is hard sport, so many players and only one winner.  But if you train hard one day you will win. That motivate me.

My goal is to train and to be a part of ATP tour. To travel around the world and meet other players. To learn from them. Because all of us has different background and attitudes. So let us exchange.
As a junior, I have travelled a bit in Europe and I liked to play with players from different countries. There is one tennis but we play a bit differently. That is what I appreciate.

I also like to work in team. Team means support for team members. And it is very good in sport. To feel that you are not alone and somebody believes in you. I like to play double, you can cooperate and share responsibilities on the court. I like it.
So, see you on the court!


Coach Recommendation:

Hello, I've been working with Lech since 2017 until now. I can definitely say that Lech is very talented player. He has a very "big" forehand and serve. He sees a lot on the court and always looking for good solutions. I can say that he needs to work on his consistance in game but comparing to his talent, fast solutions it's his big advantage.
During our work together, Lech has won bronze medal in Polish National Championships doubles, gold medal in Polish Team National Championsips, he got to several semis and quarters in ITF singles. Lech finished year in 948 ITF and 14 Polish rank U18. In case
You need more info, please contact me by email: Zabro@poczta.onet.pl or phone: +48501661501.
Best Regards
Tomasz Zabrocki


2019/2020: 3.53;

2020/2021: 2.75;

2021/2022: 3,94;

2022/2023; 4.36

  • 2023

    HALOWY PUCHAR POLSKI, Stalowa Wola - Runner up in doubles - 27 Feb
    HALOWY PUCHAR POLSKI, Chorzów - Runner up in doubles - 17 Jan

    HALOWY PUCHAR POLSKI 2022 MĘŻCZYZN, Bytom - Runner up in doubles - 28 Nov
    HALOWY PUCHAR POLSKI 2022, Sobota k/Rokietnicy - Runner up in doubles - 15 Nov
    HALOWY PUCHAR POLSKI 2022, Łódź - SF in doubles - 28 Mar


    J5 Aizkraukle - SF in Doubles 27 Sep - 02 Oct
    J5 Puszczykowo - SF in doubles 17 Aug - 22 Aug
    J5 Slovenska Lupca - SF in doubles 10 Aug- 15 Aug
    Highest rank in ITF Juniors 948
    Highest rank in Poland (PZT) 14

    V OTK o Puchar Braci T. i W. Nowickich, Łódź - Winner in singles - 14 Sep
    OTK U18 Puchar Tenisowego Liceum Ogóln., Grodzisk Mazowiecki - Runner up in singles - 23 Feb
    OTK Super Seria Juniorzy-Śląskie Centrum Tenisa , Pszczyna - Winner in doubles - 24 Nov
    SCT OTK Super Seria Juniorzy, Pszczyna - Winner in doubles - 20 Jul
    Śląskie Centrum Tenisa w Pszczynie-SSeria Juniorzy, Pszczyna - Runner up in doubles - 08 Mar
    BKT Advantage Cup U18, Bielsko-Biała (OTK) - Winner in doubles - 04 May
    OTK U18 Puchar Tenisowego Liceum Ogóln., Grodzisk Mazowiecki - Runner up in doubles - 23 Feb


    OTK U18 SS (HMP), Bytom - SF in singles - 22 Dec
    OTK Juniorów, Szczecinek - SF in singles - 08 Dec
    Halowe Mistrzostwa Polski U18, MYSIADŁO - SF in doubles - 28 Feb
    OTK SS JUNIORÓW START ŁÓDŹ, Łódź - Runner up in doubles - 04 Feb
    OTK SS JUNIORÓW START ŁÓDŹ, Łódź - SF in doubles - 25 Aug


    Highest rank in Poland 17
    OTKSS U16 Puchar Tenisowego Liceum Ogólnokształc., Grodzisk Mazowiecki - SF in singles - 03 Jul
    OTK U16 chłopców, Białystok - Runner up in singles - 29 Jan
    OTK Kadetów, Zamość - SF in singles - 11 Jun
    SCT OTK Super Seria Kadeci 16, Pszczyna - Runner up in doubles - 20 Aug
    BKT Advantage Cup, Bielsko-Biała (OTK) - Winner in doubles - 14 May
    OTKSS U16 Puchar Tenisowego Liceum Ogólnokształc., Grodzisk Mazowiecki - SF in doubles - 03 Jul
    Tenis Kozerki Cup, Grodzisk Mazowiecki (OTK) - SF in doubles - 15 Jan
    Kopavogur Open U16 Category 3 - Runner up in doubles - 27 May - 02 Jun

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