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Kate Cutbertson

Graduating in 2023

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Ahtlete Overview

Athletic strengths:

One of my main strengths on the hockey pitch is my distribution skills, irrespective of whether I’m playing in defence, midfield or attack. I am strong and skilful on the ball and make good, composed decisions. Other strengths include speed, the ability to make leads to create space and ball carrying, taking on players and creating opportunities for goals and winning short corners. I press well defensively, read the game and adapt as necessary. I’m coachable and will work to a game plan.

Goals for the future

To play the best hockey that I can at the highest level I can achieve, whilst contributing to the team’s success. My values are commitment to any task or challenge I put my mind to, I am honest and trustworthy. I value teamwork and I work hard to generate the best possible outcomes for the team.

Coach’s review

Kate is a great asset to any team she is part both on and off the pitch. Her attitude to training, video sessions, strength and conditioning and personal development is second to none. Over the past couple of seasons, she has been developing her understanding of the game. Gaining knowledge of multiple positions and being able to adapt to situations she finds herself in through previous knowledge and using highly skilled actions, whether it be in attack or defence. Off the pitch Kate has caring personality and is always one of the first to help out and offer assistance. She learns from senior players and helps with integrating the junior players into the environment. She has been using video to identify her strengths and opportunities to develop to see where minor changes can make a major difference. She works hard on her conditioning allowing her to play high minutes in a successful team. On pitch, Kate has many assets that any team could utilise. She can assist and score goals, using a variety of skills and making informed decisions, from flicks to hits as well getting into brave positions to ask questions of defenders and goalkeepers. Her defending has come on massively by refining her skills to be able offer more support to her team. She understands her role in a game plan, when in a press she has a knack of being able to win the ball high up the pitch, using a low left hand to win the ball from opposition defenders and turn defence into attack quite quickly, by using her speed and elimination skills to find space and then connect to her teammates. Her number 1 running in penalty corner defence has been of great use in thwarting oppositions set plays, as she is fast and brave and will do everything in her power to pressurise the ball. I would encourage any coach to offer Kate a place in their knowing what she can bring. I will be sad to lose her.

Peter Crook -current club coach

Athlete Grades

Creative Media
Combined Sciene
English Literature
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