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Karol Szczap

Graduating in 2022

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Some info about Karol from his Coach, Mario Trnovsky: "During our time together, Karol has exhibited outstanding physical skills. His speed, endurance, and strength are rather exceptional. During regular training sessions, he would beat his friend/colleague Maks Kasnikowski during various physical exercises.When Karol transferred to our club, he had limited experience with tennis but exhibited incredible adapting ability. In other words, his transformation: physical and mental, was outstanding. With just a little care and touch, he had been able to grasp the most rigorous regiment without any difficulties. Karol was a joy to work with because of his positive attitude toward life and work ethic. He loves to joke, but when it's time to work, it's time to work. I have never seen Karol shy away from the practice because it's too hard or he had a bad day."

Mario Trnovsky

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