Jakob Sam Bonnett

Graduating 2024

Sport: Tennis Player from the United Kingdom









ITF Ranking

985- junior

LTA Ranking


U18 Ranking


Personal Statement

Ever since I can remember I have been sporty. I have always enjoyed competing in a range of sports from swimming to football to Karate, achieving my black belt at 9 years old.  However, tennis quickly emerged as the sport I wanted to pursue seriously and to a professional standard.  My experience in sport has influenced all areas of the person I am today; I am naturally competitive and hardworking, and I have developed a strong determination to never give up no matter how hard things get.  My family have influenced the person I have become both on and off the court, they are responsible for instilling in me a strong sense of self as well as how to treat those around me with consideration and respect. My decision to apply for a scholarship in America has been encouraged by wanting the opportunity to live and study abroad.  Additionally, being expertly coached and playing for teams competing at a national level is a challenge I am ready for. Living in a different country and testing my potential both in tennis and academically is an exciting prospect.

Progressing through the tennis ranks; from a national level at red and orange ball, to developing and maintaining this level all the way up to a junior and men’s level, has tested my resolve and allowed me access to an enviable range of experiences. Watching the professionals at Wimbledon and going to Turkey to compete to qualify for 15K events has given me a taste of playing at international level and solidified my resolve to play and study in America after my A levels. In addition to my individual ranking, I also enjoy playing as part of a team, while competing in the under 18s County Cup I experienced the influence playing as part of a unified team can have over a result.  Despite losing 5-4 on the first day, we managed to raise moral and stage a victorious comeback on the second day.  I am lucky enough to have played both singles and team tennis at a high level and learn from the advice of some excellent coaches.  Consequently, I am always looking to improve my game and push myself to be successful even when I am out of my comfort zone.

Tennis has taught me a lot about myself and the type of person I want to be in the future. The primary skill I have acquired is self-control.  As a younger player I was prone to frustrated outbursts but now I pride myself on the ability to control my emotions and use them to improve and fuel my game.  Tennis has also taught me to analyse and develop my game after setbacks.  Even though winning is great, you can learn more from loses, it is this continual process of reviewing and improving my game that I enjoy about sport.  Reading Richard Hudson’s book ‘Pressure Myths’ has helped me focus on motivation and resilience when I have faced challenges with my game. Several years ago, I sustained an injury which stopped me playing for 6-8 months, this was particularly tough when I was just starting out in tennis.  However, coming back from injury even more determined taught me mental toughness, and patience that still benefits my game today.  

As a driven and competitive individual, it is important to me I fulfil my potential both in sport and in my education.  I am currently predicted to get A grades in A level Economics, Maths and Psychologically with the intention of studying Finance at University. My A levels are preparing me well for higher education, both Maths and Economics require a considerable amount of discipline and focus.  In a similar way to tennis, I have become adept at identifying where to focus my attention with Maths and how to practice consistently to improve. In maths, mental arithmetic, statistics, and probability will particularly help me within my future learning about Finance; and this combined with trends of the economy that I learn and analyse within economics, will benefit me due to their link within a Finance degree.

In Psychology I have found Social Learning Theory particularly interesting when considering the role of the learner and the coach and how we can learn from role models using meditational processes. It highlights that failure to achieve success can be down to any one of these processes and how it is down to the individual or coach to probe which process is causing a problem.

Playing tennis and studying A levels requires a strong sense of time management and sometimes sacrifice, however I love to be busy and use any spare time I have captaining my local football team and socialising with friends. My goal for the next few years is to make an impact as part of a team and become the best version of myself both on and off the court. Beyond university I would like to compete on the worlds biggest stages for tennis and continue to progress in the sport I love.


Academic Results for 2022

  • 2022/ BTEC sport/ Distinction* at level 2
    2022/ Mathematics: additional maths/ A
    2022/ Business/ 9
    2022/ Physics/ 8
    2022/ Biology/ 7
    2022/Chemistry/ 7
    2022/Geography/ 7
    2022/ English Language/ 7
    2022/ English Literature/ 7
    2022/ Mathematics/ 9
  • A-levels
    Economics: A
    Maths: A
    Psychology: A
  • ITF J30 singles final, Liverpool, Feb 2023 (week 2)
  • ITF J30 singles semi-final, Liverpool, Feb 2023 (week 1)
  • ITF J100 singles round of 16, Loughborough, March 2023 (week 1)
  • ITF J100 singles round of 16, Loughborough, March 2023 (week 2)
  • LTA grade 3 grade 3 boys doubles winner, Loughborough, Dec 2022
  • Northamptonshire county closed winner singles and doubles, Northampton, Aug 2022
  • LTA Grade 3 junior boys doubles winner, Grantham, Aug 2022
  • LTA Grade 3 junior boys’ singles finalist, Grantham, Aug 2022
  • Northamptonshire county closed singles and doubles winner, Northampton, Aug 2021
  • National Mens British tour (grade 2) semi-finalist, Corby, Feb 2022
  • 2015 British National champion
  • 3rd in national junior league with Sutton Coldfield (unbeaten in singles), National tennis centre, March – July 2022
  • Unbeaten in men’s county cup (Northamptonshire) and got promoted, Kings Park, Nov 2022
  • Unbeaten in junior county cup singles playing at number 1, Kings Park, March 2023

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