Fiona Montilus

Graduating 2024

Sport: Volleyball player - Netherlands Position: Outside Hitter




SAT: 1430




Outside Hitter

Hi! I am Fiona Montilus, and I aspire to play volleyball at the highest collegiate level as an outside hitter. 


Growing up I have always been very passionate and driven to accomplish whatever I seek in life. I believe I learned this from my parents: my mother who I watched work for her doctorate degree in teacher, staying awake long nights while taking care of four young children, all while battling breast cancer, and my father who after my mom’s passing worked diligently to balance taking care of his kids while also earning the money to be able to provide for us anything we asked. 


I hope to be as accomplished as them both one day. Volleyball became an interest for me in the seventh grade. My middle school began in the fifth grade, but volleyball was the only sport that wasn’t allowed to be played until the seventh grade. So naturally, I decided that not only would I be on the team, but I would also be the best with my competitive spirit. My eighth grade year, I was captain. It very quickly became my favourite sport, towering over the love I previously had for gymnastics and track and field. I joined a club team at the beginning of my freshman year after my brother told me, ‘I wouldn’t be successful in volleyball  and should stick to track because I wasn’t even playing club,’ and since I haven’t gotten enough of the sport.


 I’ve learned that people’s doubts seem to drive me forward. I have not only a need to be the best and practise and learn as much as I can, but also to prove others wrong. If someone tells me “you can't,” I immediately respond with “watch me.” For high school, I plan to sit on the honour roll for all of my semesters, and for college, I plan to maintain grades above a B-. I want to succeed in anything I do. The main obstacle I have had to overcome to get where I am is moving to the Netherlands at the end of my freshman year.


 My main priority was finding a club team to continue my volleyball career, but I quickly learned that the level of competition is not as high in the Netherlands v.s. the United States. I went through three clubs before finding one that suited my level of play, and even now I play with two club teams so that I am able to get the best training possible. I play with girls my age because I legally have to with my club, but I also play with the Women’s 3 team so that I am able to play at a higher level in which I play with women between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. 


When it comes to my school team in the Netherlands we only practice 3 times a week in comparison to the U.S. where we practiced 6 days a week. Another issue for me was that in the Netherlands my school would play the same five or six teams because Dutch schools do not have sports, but rather students play for club teams. It was a very hard adjustment for me realizing that I may not be getting the training I would need to play to my full potential, but with training with the women’s team and practicing with my club 4 times a week year round I have been able to see improvement. I would say my most unique characteristic is that I am ambidextrous. I write with my left hand, but I play volleyball with my right. However, if needed I am able to use my left hand quite efficiently and effectively in a game setting to save a point. 

I work so hard and am one of the most determined people I know on and off the court. On the court if the ball drops my body will be dropped right next to it. I fight for every single point and know how to lead a team. I bring an intense energy to the court and push everyone to play their hardest and have been able to help my team dig out of 10-15 point deficits. I practice four times a week just for club each 1.5 hours not including the games I play on the weekends, and manage to keep my grades up and play school sports such as track , volleyball, and cheer. i am organized and have my priorities set straight and will bring something I believe no one else can to a team.


Athletic accomplishments I can recall for both Volleyball and Track through my highschool career.


Captain of Highschool Varsity team as a Junior
Highschool team coming in 2nd place at ISST (championship)
Receiving MVP award of Varsity teams at Antwerp Early Bird Tournament
Becoming one of the eight All Stars at ISST championship 
Club team, Volevo, becoming champions of our league for the 2023 Winter-Spring Season (Major League)

Track and field:
Captain my junior year of the Girls Varsity Track Team
Breaking the school long jump record my sophomore year with a jump of 5.42 meters
Winning five gold medals at the track championship meet my sophomore year: (long jump 5.42 meters, high jump 1.55 meters, 200 meters 26.69 sec, 100 meters 13.12 sec, 100 hurdles 17.1)

2021 - 2022

2021-2022/ Music Technology/ A
2021-2022/ Technical Theater and Stage Design/ A
2021-2022/ English 10/ A
2021-2022/ Spanish 3 / A-
2021-2022/ PreCalculus / A-
2021-2022 / Physical Education / A+
2022/ Chemistry 1/ A
2021-2022/ Global Studies / B
2021/ Physics 1 / A-

2022 - 2023

2022-2023 S1/ Visual Art 1 / A
2022-2023 S1/ IB Lang Lit SL Yr1/ B+
2022-2023 S1 / Spanish Honors / B
2022-2023 S1 / AP Calculus / A
2022-2023 S1/ IB Sports Exercise Health Science SL Yr1 / A
2022-2023 S1/ AP Physics 1/ B-
2022-2023 S1/ IB Psychology HL Yr1/ A-
2022-2023 S2/ IB Psychology HL Yr1 / A- (90%)
2022-2023 S2/ Visual Art/ A (97%)
2022-2023 S2/ IB English Lang Lit SL Yr1/ B+ (89%)
2022-2023 S2/ Spanish Honors/ B (84%)
2022-2023 S2/ AP Calculus/ A (92%)
2022-2023 S2/ IB Sports Exercise Health Science SL Yr1/ A (97%)
2022-2023 S2/ AP Physics 1/ B (85%)

  • She broke a NECIS track record at the past championship meet for the 80m hurdles girls 16+
  • May 14,2022/ Broke Schools Long Jump Record (track and field)/ 5.42 Meters
  • May 24, 2022/ Track and Field Jumping and Sprinting/ Won five gold Medals
  • September 1, 2022/ Volleyball School Team/ Become Captain as a Junior
  • September 17, 2022 / Volleyball Early Bird Tournament Antwerp/ Won MVP of Tournament
  • November 10, 2022 / Volleyball Championship Belgium/ Was one of the Eight overall All Stars of Championship
  • April 1, 2023 / Volleyball Club Team / Won First in the League

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