Ewan Brown

Graduating 2024

Sport: Tennis Player from the United Kingdom









National Ranking





I am Ewan Brown, a 17-year-old who has been passionate about tennis and sports in general since the age of 4. 


What Sport has taught me

As a three-sport athlete, I have learned a lot about myself through tennis, Taekwon-Do and rugby. 

Each sport has taught me many valuable lessons that have helped me not only on the court, hall, or field but also in my academic and personal life. I have absolutely no doubt that sport has made me a better human being. 



During my journey, tennis has become an integral part of my life, shaping my character, discipline, and determination. From the early years of my childhood, I found happiness and excitement on the tennis court. 

Having a racquet in my hand and the thrill of chasing down each ball ignited a passion that grew stronger with time. Tennis has taught me perseverance, resilience, and hard work, qualities that I believe are essential for both athletic and personal success. I have won several local, regional, national and international tournaments, including many in Colombia and Spain and have reached finals and semifinals consistently in grades 2, 3 and 4. 

In addition to my passion and dedication to tennis, I have also excelled in other sports. At the age of 14, I proudly became the sparring British champion in Taekwon-Do at the 2019 British Open, alongside many other gold and silver medals in national and international competitions, including a gold medal in patterns and a silver in sparring at the 2018 Holland Cup showcasing my versatility and ability to excel in different disciplines. This achievement instilled in me the belief that with passion and commitment, I can conquer any challenge that comes my way. 



In rugby, playing as a left wing representing my school and being part of the team has enabled me to pick up a completely different set of values that have deeply impacted my personal growth. With its emphasis on teamwork, camaraderie, and commitment, rugby taught me the importance of collaboration and collective effort. I learned to trust my teammates and rely on their support while also recognising how key my own role was in contributing to the team’s success. 

Beyond the physicality of the game, rugby has taught me resilience and the ability to persevere through challenges; these qualities have translated into other aspects of my life, providing me with a strong foundation for facing obstacles and achieving success both on and off the field.


Sportsman of the Year

During secondary school, I was honoured to be named Sportsman of the Year for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018. This recognition validated my passion for sports and highlighted my ability to inspire and lead others through my athletic achievements. 

Being acknowledged by my peers and teachers has motivated me to continue pushing my limits and striving for excellence. 


Facing Challenges

I have also faced challenges in my life that have both tested my resilience and shaped me into the person I am today. In 2020, when I was having a really good run in my tennis journey, having climbed up to number 1 in Sussex and being recruited into the A County team, I had to relocate to Spain, a decision that significantly impacted my UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) and my overall tennis performance. 

The move to a different country coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic, further exacerbating my difficulties. The restrictions and lockdown measures prevented me from training consistently and competing regularly. As a result, my UTR suffered greatly, and I encountered setbacks that tested my determination to continue pursuing tennis as a passion. 

However, during this period, I discovered the true essence of personal growth. Alongside facing the challenges in tennis, I had the opportunity to attend secondary school in a second language, Spanish. This experience not only resulted in me graduating successfully as Bachiller but also expanded my linguistic abilities (I am now fully bilingual). The move taught me the importance of adaptability and flexibility in uncertain situations.  As the restrictions of the pandemic eased, competing with a different tennis team in Spain provided me with a unique perspective on the sport. 



I was exposed to new training techniques, different styles of play, and diverse approaches to the game. This experience broadened my horizons, allowing me to refine my technique and acquire a valuable set of skills that I would not have otherwise found. I improved as a tennis player, but I also grew as an individual. The challenges I faced taught me resilience and the ability to navigate unfamiliar environments. I learned the value of embracing change and harnessing it as an opportunity for self-growth. Moving to Spain and enduring the hardships brought by Covid may have initially impacted my UTR, but they ultimately made me a better person. I am now eager to apply the lessons I have learned for future endeavours as I continue to pursue excellence in both tennis and academics. My journey has prepared me to overcome obstacles, adapt to new environments, and cultivate a mindset of continuous growth. I am excited to embrace new challenges, both on and off the tennis court, and I am determined to achieve my full potential. 



Most recently, while studying full-time at college, I managed to achieve my Level 1 and Level 2 LTA tennis coaching qualifications. Alongside my academic pursuits, I have dedicated my time and energy working as an assistant tennis coach at Southdown Tennis Club to finance some of my own tennis training and coaching. This experience has been invaluable, allowing me to share my knowledge, inspire young players, and contribute to the growth of the sport I love. Through coaching, I have discovered the true meaning of tenacity and dedication. I witness the progress and successes of the players I work with, as well as the value of money and spending. 



I believe that my passion, determination, and diverse sporting and academic background set me apart as a candidate for your tennis scholarship. Given the opportunity, I am confident that I can contribute to the team’s success and serve as a positive role model for my fellow athletes. I am eager to continue my academic and athletic journey at the University and would be honoured to become a part of your prestigious institution. 

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of joining your University and pursuing my dreams on and off the tennis court. 


Year 11 (2021/2022) Actual Results

  • AQA Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) In English Language 7
  • AQA Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) In English Literature 6
  • AQA Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) In Sociology 6
  • AQA Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) In Spanish 9
  • Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) In Combined Science 7-7
  • Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) In Mathematics WJEC 6
  • Eduqas Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) In Geography B 7

    Total GCSE Grades 9 to 5: 7
    Total GCSE Grades 9 to 1: 7


  • London and Southeast Tour St Ann’s Tennis Men’s Singles – Runner up
  • Tennis Sussex County Championships Men’s Doubles – Runner up
  • West Worthing Open mixed doubles – Runner up
  • London and Southeast Tour Croydon High Sports Club – Men’s Singles – Champion
  • Preston LTC 18u Junior Championships 18u Singles – Champion
  • Caesarean Open and Junior Grade 3 Easter Tournament Mixed Doubles – Champion
  • London Southeast Tour Billingshurst LTC 18u Singles – Runner up
  • London and Southeast Tour Queens Park Tennis Club Brighton – Men’s Singles – Champion
  • Southwest Tour Court X Men’s singles – Champion
  • Sussex County 18U A Team
  • Southdown Mens 1st Team
  • LTA Level 2 Coach – Qualified


  • South and Southwest Tour Court X Men’s Singles – Runner up
  • Preston LTC Junior Championships 18U Singles – Champion
  • London and Southeast tour Queen’s park tennis Men’s Singles – Champion
  • London and Southeast Tour Billingshurst Lawn Tennis Club Men’s Singles – Champion
  • Central and East Tour Hampton’s Sport and Leisure Club 18u Boys Singles – Champion
  • Sussex County 18U A Team
  • Southdown Mens 1st Team
  • LTA Level 1 Coach – Qualified


  • Campeonato Regional Individual Cadete Región de Murcia – Subcampeón
  • London and Southeast Tour Croydon High 16U Boys Singles- Champion
  • Torneo Nacional de Tenis Postres Reina Región de Murcia – Subcampeón


  • International British Impact Open Taekwon-Do – British Champion Sparring
  • Taekwon-Do Open British Championship – 2 Gold medals 1 Silver
  • Copa de Verano Movistar Boys 16u – Subcampeón
  • Grado 4 Bogota Club Tennis Point Boys 16u- Campeón


  • Southeast summer County Tour Virgin Active Brighton 12U Boys singles – Runner up
  • Southeast Summer County Tour West Worthing 12U Boys singles – Champion
  • Southeast Summer County Tour Virgin active 12U Boys singles runner up
  • Taekown-Do Holland Cup Delft – 2 Gold Medals (sparring,flying kick) 1 silver (patterns)
  • Sportsman of the Year 2018 – Patcham High School


  • Morrisons Solicitors Reigate Open 12U Boys singles – Champion
  • Sportsman of the Year 2017 – Patcham High Schoo


  • Southeast Summer County Tour – Horsham 10u Boys singles – Champion
  • Southeast Junior Tour Henfield – 10U Mixed singles – Runner up
  • CTA Sussex Open Crowborough 10u Mixed Singles – Champion
  • CTA Sussex Open Crowborough 10U Mixed Singles – Runner up
  • Morrisons Solicitors Reigate Open 10U Boys Singles – Champion

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