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2017 Science A D
2017 Additional Science C
2017 Food Tech C
2017 English Lit 3
2017 English Lang 4
2017 Maths 3
2017 Geography F
2017 PE C
2018 Informatics D
2018 French A*
Average Putts Per Round 33
Handicap 4.4
Driving Distance 260yds
SAT Results Pending
GPA Pending

Some of Ellie’s highlights to date:

  • Youngest Ladies Club Champion in the world (aged 10) verified by England Golf
  • Selected for England Regional Golf Squad twice
  • Selected for County Ladies Scratch team since age 13
  • Various Regional Titles
  • County OOM title 3 times
  • Shotakan Karate Brown belt/ 2 red stripe
  • Ladies Kettering Hockey Team member since age 14
  • Nominated for Young Sportswomen of the year 2017 (runner up)
  • Coaches U10 & U12 Kettering Junior Hockey Teams

As Managing Director of Wellingborough Golf Club with her, over the 6 years I have known her as a member.

I have always found Ellie to be very driven with regards to her golf as she wants to be a great player this, coupled with an ‘ease’ around her peers has made Ellie a very ‘rounded’ individual who is relaxed around her fellow members who hold a variety of social standing, she fits in.

The Club is very proud of Ellie and her achievements over the years and fully expect greater things in line with her maturing age and continued experience.  This echoes the thoughts of our current Vice-Captain with whom Ellie regularly plays golf with.

If you require any other information regarding Ellie’s persona, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Waite

I have been coaching Ellie since she was a little girl of seven years of age.. She is a very talented and accomplished golfer who has achieved a great deal of success in competitive golf over the years, no doubt others will illuminate her record for you. However, this is only part of the story.
Ellie is a bright and cheerful soul with fantastic empathy and social skills.. She is for that reason a hugely popular team player. I have coached many fine players who although they have achieved success, tend to be a bit one dimensional in their attitude to life in general. Ellie on the other hand plays other sports and is quite prepared to work to support herself. She enjoys life and accepts it’s challenges with a positive attitude and surprising fortitude. Knowing the girl as l do, I am writing this with a smile on my face because she is a very special Human Being and will be a great loss to us, the golfing community, when she does inevitably move on to greater things.
With Kind Regards.
Kevin Theobald PGA professional. Kettering Golf Club.

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