What? what is toefl The TOEFL is a required exam for any student who doesn’t speak English as a first language. Required TOEFL requirements Universities can vary widely, with some schools requiring lower TOEFL IBT scores in the 70s and others requiring far higher scores in the 100s. Key words How to find the requirements?… Continue reading TOEFL

NCAA Timeline and checklist

Checklist FRESHMEN & SOPHMORE YEARS (GRADES 9 & 10) Create an online profile that includes academic and athletic information Academic: Grade average (since Grade 9), test scores, major of interest. Athletic: Number, position, statistics, tournament wins and accolades Create a 5-8 minute highlight video demonstrating your technical skills and team performance – Intro with your… Continue reading NCAA Timeline and checklist

NCAA – Your journey through the NCAA

Bodies Athletic Associations with sponsorships NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association( NCAA NAIA National Collegiate Athletic Association( NAIA NJCAA National Junior College Athletic Association NJCAA NCAA ELIGIBILITY Amateurism Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center; Completely and accurately fill out the “Sports Participation” section during registration; Request final amateurism certification promptly; and Monitor tasks assigned to their… Continue reading NCAA – Your journey through the NCAA

SAT College Board

Step 1 what is it? The College Board website is where you will register for the SAT, and it also provides a huge amount of resources to help with studying, with many resources being free.   * Go to and register for an account The College Board Note It is not required to input… Continue reading SAT College Board