6. Personal Statement or Overview

The Overview You can also add a reference from your current coach, which shares a brief insight into who you are and what you could bring to a team. It’s your chance to show college coaches who you are outside your academic and athletic life. It provides an opportunity to show off your character, extracurricular… Continue reading 6. Personal Statement or Overview

3. Athletic Achievements

CompetitiveHighlights Keep Sport USA up to date with: Recent competitive highlights Anything which highlights your abilities as an athlete Achievements, awards, competition wins, etc. AthleticStatistics Depending on your sport, there might be additional statistics required.   Remember to keep Sport USA up to date with your Athletic Statistics such as Height Level (County, National, International)… Continue reading 3. Athletic Achievements

4. Your Academic results

Academic Certificates International students must meet specific academic requirements if you want to study in the USA. These requirements include completing a specific number of core courses, earning a minimum grade point average (GPA) and SAT/ACT score, and graduating from high school. As part of the academic certification process, all prospective student-athletes must submit the… Continue reading 4. Your Academic results

5. Your recruitment video

The video Why is this the most important item in our profile? Well, because 99% of the time, a college coaching staff must see you perform before they’ll even consider offering you a scholarship. Much like a performing arts audition, to get the part, you must first prove you have what it takes. By itself,… Continue reading 5. Your recruitment video

1. What goes into the profile?

COLUMBUS, OH - DECEMBER 16: Nebraska Cornhuskers players celebrate their win over the Pittsburgh Panthers in the Division I Women’s Volleyball Semifinals on December 16, 2021 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

profile The Profile Profile Picture Awesome Recruitment Video Athletic Statistics Academic results Competitive Highlights Personal Statement / Orverview Now that you have received this step by step guide and the student pack in pdf, it’s time to build your profile. Your profile will appear on our website for you to share and we will also… Continue reading 1. What goes into the profile?

2. Your Statistics

profile Definition The Recruiting Profile is or the profile in a website, your resume, or athlete bio (there are many names people give it.) Brand Your Profile: In the athletic scholarship formula, a Custom Profile serves as your brand. This is the first and essential item to your athletic scholarship formula. We first map out… Continue reading 2. Your Statistics