Cameron Simpson

Graduating 2024

Sport: Tennis Player from the United Kingdom









U18 Ranking

96 UK ranking under 18 boys

Personal Statement:

 Hi, my name is Cam Simpson and I’ve been playing tennis since I was 4 years old and have kept the same love I’ve had for the sport since the first time I picked up a racket. I want to go to America because I think it’s the best environment for my tennis to keep growing and improving.

As soon as I found out that going to America to play tennis was an option I was completely hooked as I knew it was the best opportunity to carry on my tennis journey and become the best player I can be, alongside getting a degree. As you’ll see by my tennis achievements, they are all quite recent this shows how I’ve worked hard and how much my competition tennis has improved and is continually improving.

I also want to experience a new part of the world and push myself outside of my comfort zone by living in a new country and meeting new people from all around the world. Coaches should pick me because I will give them everything, I’ve got every single session and will bring a new aspect to any team I join. I’ve got great energy on and off the court and will support my team mates no matter the cost. Alongside the energy that I bring I’ll never back down from a challenge and will do whatever is needed for the team.


GCSE Results:

Physical Education – 9 (A**)

Mathematics – 8 (A*)

Chemistry – 7 (A)

Geography – 7 (A)

Physics – 7 (A)

Biology – 6 (B)

English Language – 6 (B)

Spoken Language – Distinction

English Literature – 5 (C)

French – 5 (C)

Tennis Achievements:

  • Represented my county at the under 18s county cup and played at 1 all weekend. (2023)
  • Played and won a match in the Qualification for a British Tour event (Men’s grade 2), on September 2023.
  • Won a 18s Grade 3 dropping just 8 games in 4 matches (Summer 2023)
  • Represented Wiltshire at Men’s Summer County Cup team 0and got promoted to the next division (Summer 2023)
  • Got to the national finals of play your way to Wimbledon and competed in the doubles on the Wimbledon grass (August 2022)
  • I have won 6 singles titles and 5 doubles in the last 2 years all being above regional level in the UK. 
  • I played national club league for Salisbury Tennis Club and got 8 wins out of 10 losing 1 singles match and one doubles match at national level.
  • Finish 6 out of 87 players in our national division. (2023)

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