Book your Visa interview

Visa STEP BY STEP GUIDANCE Few more things to remember Gather before the interview Congrats! Congratulations on your choice of university; you are on your way to the USA. There are a few things we would like to remind you of. You must have a student visa to study in the United States. For your… Continue reading Book your Visa interview

The University application process

University What You Have to Know About the Application and Admissions Process What to know First Step Documents Deadlines Last Step Start the summer before your senior year Selecting schools to apply for, getting the application packets, writing the essays, and sending them off can be very time-consuming. Starting your senior year is full of… Continue reading The University application process

Official visit

Your Official Visit 7 Things to Do on Your Official Visit Going on an official visit is a great opportunity to see a school, meet the team, and get a sense of what is going to that school might be like. It’s important that you get to see not only the athletic facilities but also… Continue reading Official visit

Which offer to take?

Inspiration We thought you might need some inspiration. Research Omitting this step can leave our process flavourless and bland and be a serious problem for our results. In short, before your junior year in high school, college-bound athletes should begin researching schools and bringing a realistic pool of college targets into focus. Under the new… Continue reading Which offer to take?

The Negotiation

Good questions to ask Questions While it may seem presumptuous to ask directly how much money the coach will offer, athletes and their families should be comfortable talking about specific numbers. As awkward as it might seem, the coach is definitely there to negotiate, and gauging his response after mentioning specific numbers will give you… Continue reading The Negotiation

The Call

Research Prepare and ask questions Do a background search on the coach and the University checklist of things to do before making an appointment Getting prepared for recruiting calls is a very exciting time for an aspiring young athlete. However, choosing the right college can be an extremely tricky process and may certainly seem daunting,… Continue reading The Call

Cover email

Email to coach 4 Must Haves in Cover email to Coaches Be concise Cover the big three Triple check spelling and grammar Make it personal   Every coach is now recruiting online in one form or another. One of the best ways to introduce yourself to coaches and start the recruiting process is with a… Continue reading Cover email

Email set-up

Email How to Set Up Your Email Tips on how to optimise your email communication with coaches:  Why? University coaches today are using email as their primary recruiting tool. If you are a dedicated high school athlete who wants to be considered a viable candidate in the competitive world of college recruiting, it is critical… Continue reading Email set-up

Coach communication

Things to remember You can only make a first impression once! Next up Email set-up next page

NCAA Timeline and checklist

Checklist FRESHMEN & SOPHMORE YEARS (GRADES 9 & 10) Create an online profile that includes academic and athletic information Academic: Grade average (since Grade 9), test scores, major of interest. Athletic: Number, position, statistics, tournament wins and accolades Create a 5-8 minute highlight video demonstrating your technical skills and team performance – Intro with your… Continue reading NCAA Timeline and checklist