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Recruiting Performing Arts Students to study in the USA


Study In The USA

If you are a student who is looking to study and earn a performing arts scholarship in the United States, this is for you.

The performing arts industry is constantly evolving, developing, and producing meaningful work. This has resulted in an increase in the number of applicants to US university programmes in the performing arts. This includes drama, dance, and music. You, as a student, will feel more confident in performing and more comfortable in your ability to express yourself.  

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How to effortlessly find a way to study the Performing Arts

University performing arts is an exciting opportunity for many international student-performers. 

Performing arts programs in the USA are very limited, as not every college offers them. Understandably, competition for places is very high, which is why Art USA offers a real advantage.

We encourage our clients to pursue a study career at a college in the United States, as this allows the student to combine education and performing arts.

Although it is no secret that this won’t be the case for everybody, the ones that succeed will not only enjoy an incredible opportunity but continue on an upward trajectory within their performing career. Additionally, our team of professionals will provide you with the best advice and guidance in helping you find the right university, which in turn will bring you a once-in-a lifetime experience. 

The idea is to complete a four-year college education and, from there, progress towards becoming a professional in the performing arts scene. 

How good do you have to be?

In order to be part of a Performing Arts school, students need to attend an audition to show their talent. The auditioning process would differ in each school and also on the study course chosen by the student.

For instance, dance and drama applicants will have to perform a dance routine, prepare a monologue or perform a pre-given task. On the other hand, composers will be asked to submit a portfolio of their work, and musicians will read or sing at sight, or play and sing the required scales to progress to the next stage. Recruiters will then proceed to interview successful applicants.

Moreover, recruiters will also evaluate the potential of up-and-coming performers. This will be key, as rehearsing full time allows students to improve progressively. Additionally, recruiters will assess the culture of the performers as a group. They also evaluate if a performer going to improve the culture of the company? A healthy relationship among performers is essential. The best possible advice is to be an essential asset.

Lastly, in order to be considered by the top universities in the United States, performers should take part in the most prestigious national events at a younger age. This will show recruiters that they are ready to compete in the USA.

In terms of the scholarship itself, the exact funding would vary depending on the University providing the scholarship.

Moreover, the gender equality law requires for every university to spend the exact amount for men as for women

Here at Art USA, we are aiming to create a pathway to studying Performing Arts just for you

The Art USA Way

Art USA is part of Sport USA, which has a 100% placement rate at US universities. We provide the best tools and personal guidance to our students. This is to secure an opportunity to attend a USA University.

Our dedicated team of specialist talent management consultants has assisted many talented young musicians through successful partnerships with top U.S universities. In addition, we also have personal guidance, processes, and support tools in place to help you along the way, so we’re with you every step of the way.

 Our individually designed programmes provide bespoke recruitment to Performing Art Students of all levels.

 We can provide this level of service to only a good deal of music, drama, and dance students annually. This service goes far beyond helping you fill in the application form (although, we do also do this!) and we guide you through every step of your university performing arts experience.

We have a 15-year track record of placing students into leading universities in the USA. We have an impressive 100% success rate securing scholarships and grants for students.

Art USA has successfully helped hundreds of student-athletes from all over the world with their placement at American universities since 2007. 

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