Ambrose Evamy

Graduating 2024

Tennis Player from the UK











LTA Rating

Singles 17.4, Doubles 23.0

U18 Ranking


Personal Statement


I first started playing tennis at 4 years old after watching my brother play and thinking that would be something I could be good at. I now have a passion for the sport and consider myself lucky in several ways.


Firstly, I had a talented coach at my local club, Wimborne Tennis Club, who played for team GB when he was younger (number 1 in his age group nationally), who made tennis fun & enjoyable but who also taught me to be competitive and hard working. 


I’ve always had strong competition at the club who I’ve grown up competing against and improved against over time. Finally, I have very supportive parents who have always driven me to tournaments, allowed me to train and work on my strength & conditioning 7 days a week since I was very young. 


I have had some setbacks during my career as well which I have always bounced back from. I believe resilience and a positive mindset as a result to be two of my key strengths. Resilience in terms of my ability to pull through tight matches, and positive mindset in terms of performing well under pressure and keeping calm at all times.


At 9 years old being one of the top 5 players in the South West of England, I broke my wrist which put me out of tennis for 6 months. Despite this, I worked my way back regaining my ranking and this taught me to appreciate the value of hard work. 


Like many others, I was unable to play during lockdown and this made me realise how much I love the sport. When I returned, I started working with a coach at my local LTA performance centre (West Hants Club) and have since had some strong results. 


I won my first mens LTA grade 3 singles tournament in April 2023. I have seen a significant improvement in my UTR between 2022 and 2023 progressing from a high 6 to my current rating of 9.3. My goal now is to get to 80 nationally or better next year and compete in national events (Grade 2s and 1s).


I’ve rediscovered my passion for the sport as well, playing between 10 and 15 hours a week. My height is now 6.6 foot (202 cms), and I am focussing further on improving my athleticism, working hard with an LTA strength and conditioning coach. 


The player I looked up to growing up was Juan Martin Del Potro, admiring his calmness on court, big serve and shot making ability. I was fortunate enough in August 2022 to compete at Wimbledon, at Aorangi Park in 18u doubles, this being particularly inspirational for me as some of my favourite players played on these courts.


Outside of tennis, at age 12 I came up with the idea of a 5k run in school for a children’s cancer charity which raised £2,500 in sponsorship. If I were to get to U.S. college, I’d really like to pursue a career in Finance, and would look to obtain the right degree to enable this.

  • Maths 7
  • English Language 7
  • Combined Science Trilogy 76
  • Business 6
  • Geography 6
  • RE 6
  • History 7
  • English Literature 6
  • Business A level B
  • Maths B
  • Physics B

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