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Why Academic Scholarships are a Smart Choice

It is not uncommon for students to worry about paying college tuition fees and taking on a lot of debt. Fortunately, merit aid helps to lower college costs. This financial assistance is awarded on academic, athletic, artistic or special-interest merit.


Throughout the 2019-2020 academic year the average merit award was $11,280. Merit awards can be a one-time award or given multiple times, depending on performance and other factors. It is worth taking into account that Ivy League universities and other selected schools like Caltech, Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology do not award academic merit scholarships. However, Ivy League schools are notoriously known for being at the top of most generous universities for financial aid.

Ralph Clarke Tennis USA
Ralph Clarke Tennis USA

Understandably, competition for places is very high, which is why AcademicUSA offer a real advantage. We encourage our clients to pursue a studying career at a college in the United States, as though only a select number are successful, the ones that succeed will embark on an incredible opportunity to study in America. Additionally, our team of professionals will provide you with the best advice and guidance in helping you to find the right university, which in turn will bring you a once in a lifetime experience. 

The idea is to complete the four-year college education and from there progress towards becoming a professional ready to work. Here, at AcademicUSA what we are trying to do is to create that pathway together. 

Eligibility criteria

and applying

Although GPA is one of the key factors to obtain a scholarship, it isn’t essential. The provider of the scholarship will decide the decisive criteria to award a scholarship. A common grade point average requirement is 3.15 average. Moreover, each scholarship could differ, and a minimum GPA may be required in order to apply for an academic award. Some providers tend to look for high achievers with a GPA above 3.5, which can be translated to an A grade. 

As mentioned before, other factors contribute to awarding a scholarship. These are leadership, school involvement, extracurriculars

Academic scholarships can be awarded for extracurricular activities such as art, theater or music. Other paths to merit scholarships include volunteer activities,

hobbies and household responsibilities. AcademicUSA will advise each student on which are key and relevant to each scholarship. 

Lastly, excellent leadership skills showcased by students are often rewarded with merit scholarships. The University of California, Berkeley is a good example of this. The university awarded an average of $8,330 in merit award during the 2019-2020 academic year.


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Academic scholarships are usually a financial award, where the money can go towards tuition fees, living costs, or a combination of both. 

Other scholarships such as sports or art may come with added benefits.

It is important to acknowledge that this financial aid can be one-time only. Hence why it is essential that students maintain their eligibility status for coming years. Among those requirements to keep their academic scholarship, students will have to maintain a minimum GPA. Students might also be expected to enroll on certain courses alongside completing the application for the course each year. Typically, after their first year students tend to receive less aid.


Here, at AcademicUSA we will make sure to advice the student on which requirements they need to preserve to maintain their academic scholarship. 

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